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Turkey: 10 Thousand Employees Fired, 15 Media Outlets Closed in Erdoganstan

Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan

Turkey’s anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Islamist sultan wannabe Recep Tayeb Erdogan terminates 10,131 state employees and closes 15 Media outlets in Turkey with 2 ‘presidential decrees’ in 1 day.

The charge is ready: They supported the failed coup which was about to restore Turkey back from the state of dictatorship the 1.5 decades of Erdogan ruling turned it to.

The real charge however is the fact that promoters of anti-Islam, like ISIS and Nusra Front for instance, hate free speech and open media because it exposes their false Islamism. Erdogan considers the journalists in his country as propaganda tools, they’re either working for him in his propaganda machine or working against him.. And those working against him are labeled traitors!

Turkey under Erdogan has become the world’s largest prison for journalists and a scary place to express your opinion.

Earlier this year, the Erdogan regime anti-free press policies caused a German satirist to face prosecution by non other than Erdogan’s partner in the crime against Syria the German chancellor Merkel. He himself, Erdogan was briefly imprisoned in 1999 for similar charges but it seems what’s for him is not for his people.

The godfather of hundreds of thousands of anti-Islam terrorists in ISIS, Nusra, Islam Conquer Army, FSA and other jihadists not only caused the instability to his country, he also caused the instability to the whole region and to all of Europe by using the suffering of the refugees, he’s only a main cause for their suffering, to push for his EU membership and to blackmail Europe into paying his broken state huge compensation for maintaining the flow of refugees through Turkey.

Syrian cartoon about the violent machinations of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.
Syrian cartoon about the violent machinations of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

The failed military coup cost Turkey $100 billions as claimed by the Erdogan regime. The impact including restoring the capital punishment is enormous.  The satanic slave ruined 10,131 families by depriving them for their incomes just to replace them with his own followers from his fake Muslim Brotherhood cult.

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