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Tunisia Mufti: Jihad in Syria is Not Permitted and is a Huge Mistake


Othman Battikh the Mufti of Tunisia has said that calls for Jihad in Syria are a “huge mistake” and he considered “Sex Jihad” a form of prostitution and adultery.

Battikh said during a press conference today that all data confirms that Tunisian youth who went to perform Jihad in Syria “were fooled and have been brainwashed.”

He asserted that calls for Jihad in Syria are a “huge mistake considering that a Muslim mustn’t fight a Muslim. It would have been much better if they were talked into fighting their meaner selves (self jihad)”

This declaration comes at a time many of Tunisia’s youth are being sent to die at the front in the battles in Syria under the name of Jihad.

Media reports indicates that at least 3000 Tunisians are in Syria, of whom tens have died and hundreds are in prisons.

According to these reports there are organized networks who are recruiting Tunisians for Jihad in Syria. First they’re moved to Libya, then to Turkey. Some Tunisian NGOs might be involved in these networks.

Beside that the Mufti described “Sex Jihad” as a form of adultery and prostitution, revealing that at least sixteen girls were sent to Syria to perform this sham Jihad.

He called upon the Tunisian authorities to join forces and to stop this phenomena that he described as foreign and dangerous to the Tunisian society.

The Wahhabi Sheik Mohamad AlArifi has issued a fatwa allowing Sex Jihad in Syria which “allows fighters, single or married who can’t meet with their wives to have short marriages with girls or divorcees at least 14 years old. Marriages that may not exceed one hour period in some cases and that are followed by divorce.”
More on the Fatwa and reports of missing Tunisian girls:

This Fatwa have met acceptance in Tunisia and some girls were sent to perform sex jihad by Islamic networks.


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