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tunisia mohamed brahmi shot dead tunis

Old palace in Tunisia

Today, an unidentified gunman has shot dead the Tunisian opposition leader and member of the Tunisian parliament, Mohamed al-Brahmi in front of his house in the Tunisian capital, Tunis.

According to the security sources in Tunis, the prominent and secular Tunisian leader of the opposition was gunned down in front of his house in Tunis by this still not identified armed man and it seems to be a targeted assassination of al-Brahmi from the secular People’s Movement party.

Already thousands of Tunisians take to the streets after the prominent opposition leader Mohamed al-Brahmi was shot dead by a still not identified gunman in the capital, Tunis.

The opposition leader and member of the Tunisian parliament, Mohamed Brahmi, was shot dead in the capital of the country, six months after the murder of another Tunisian politician from the secular political side within Tunisia has sparked a crisis in several political and social levels in Tunisia. The member of the Tunisian nationalist and secular People’s Movement party, Mohamed al-Brahmi was declared dead when he arrived in a hospital near his house in Tunis.

In addition, the family of the prominent and secular Tunisian politician and opposition leader, Mohamed al-Brahmi, has witnessed the targeted assassination of him by the unidentified armed man in front of their house and it must be a very huge shock and loss for them. Our condolences are with them and all the friends and supporters of the targeted assassinated Tunisian politician, Mohamed al-Brahmi.

According to the Tunisian security, an armed man shot at al-Brahmi eleven times at close range in front of his house today. Afterwards, the gunman fled in a car, while the family of the murdered prominent politician in Tunis were under shock, of course. As mentioned, when Brahmi arrived in the next hospital near his house, he was already dead due to the eleven shots from close range by this killer.

Old palace in Tunisia
Old palace in Tunisia

It is probably to assume that this armed perpetrator behind the targeted killing of the prominent Tunisian opposition leader of the secular party of the country is a supporter of the other side and then it is clear who`s behind the killing of al-Brahmi. But everybody has to wait for the results of the hopefully successful investigation by the Tunisian police in the (sad) murder case of al-Brahmi.

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