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Trust in AlQaeda: Advice from Trump, WHO, & MSM

credibility-white helmets

This Khan Shekhoun stuff is getting more absurd by the day:  Trust in AlQaeda.

Autopsies on people killed were done in Turkey. (Curious that’s where survivors of the Rashideen massacre were supposedly taken too).

Before we get ahead of ourselves with test results, analysis of the samples and any conclusions as to how they died and were there any chemical traces present, we better take a step back.

Sorry right back to where the people who died were. You would assume they were taken to a hospital, then to a morgue, or makeshift morgue.

These poor unfortunate people were then taken out of the hospital or morgue and transported to Turkey. Obviously it could only be by vehicle.

Hang on, hang on; don’t get to the hospital and the autopsies in Turkey yet. Let’s think about who took them there.

If they are victims of a heinous chemical weapons attack by the Assad government forces as was claimed instantly, you would ensure these poor people are taken to Turkey under tight armed security. You want the evidence to be examined and the results to be explained to the entire international community. You can then say your accusations are fully vindicated.

So they had to be taken to Turkey by AlQaeda or Tharir Al-sham or whatever name they drew out of the hat this week.

I think i smell something here. AlQaeda said they took bodies from Khan Sheikhoun to Turkey. In this statement we can be sure it was AlQaeda, we can be sure they went to Turkey as the OPCW and WHO backed this up*.

6 April, Amanpour tweeted lie that WHO did autopsies. Twelve million net worth buys much impunity; she provided Reuters url which did not mention WHO
Reuters blurb pimped anti-Syria propaganda but did not mention WHO.  Trust in AlQaeda

However who did they take to Turkey? How do we know they were from Khan Sheikhoun? Indeed they may have been from Khan Sheikhoun, but how do we know they weren’t people killed in a different location on a different day?

Two-hundred people were reported kidnapped from 2 villages only 12 days previously. Is there any connection? Again we don’t know.

So we can’t be sure of who it was that was examined and where and when they died.

Let’s do a little exercise in trust, in human goodness. Trust in…………………AlQaeda!!! Huh?? I repeat, trust in AlQaeda.

How can anything they say be believed at face value. I would want rock solid proof before I believed one word spoken by these terrorists.

Yet we are supposed to believe it was sarin (sarin you go blue, these people went red) and we are supposed to believe it was the Syrian government that used it, all based on the testimony of AlQaeda and their extremist allies.

Explanation of effects of GB use

Now we are supposed to accept a murderous airstrike by the US on the word of AlQaeda. We are supposed to accept a heightened risk of escalation and superpower conflict in the Middle East based on what bloodthirsty terrorists told us.

To top it all off, we are supposed to accept that the OPCW won’t do an investigation on the ground in Khan Sheikhoun. Surely not. Investigative work is its raison d’etre, its purpose in being.

23 June 2014, State Dept tweeted Kerry’s announcement that Syria’s CWs were collected. Now, State Dept. has trust in AlQaeda

Now why wouldn’t they be willing to go to Khan Sheikhoun for a comprehensive forensic investigation? I refer you back to the issue of trust. Place your trust in AlQaeda? Now i am not so much talking about trust in terms of telling the truth. I mean as in trust them not to butcher you.

I could just picture it. Trust me OPCW dude. we got real clean disinfected swords here. We promise you it will be a clean cut. Your head straight off clean as a whistle.**

As I said absurdity piled upon absurdity. This fabrication is ready to float away to its resting place in the false flag cemetery. there you are, we have a special place reserved for you right next to Ghouta 2013.

— Paul Mansfield

*Editor:  WHO issued a statement on 5 April 2017, announcing it was “alarmed” by “serious reports” — not jovial ones — coming from foreign terrorist occupied Idlib governate.  WHO did not claim it performed autopsies.

WHO did imply that Syria has engaged in self-harm since 2012, an especially smarmy remark, as 5 December 2012 was the first time a threat of CW/BW use was made by NATO-run terrorists in Erdoganstan, in a demonstration of the neurotoxin VX used to kill two rabbits.  This threat was immediately brought to the attention of the UN, by Syria’s Permanent Representative, whose request for an investigation was denied.

WHO’s statement made the somewhat outrageous claim that it had trained “200 clinicians” and “65 physicians” at its facility in Gaziantep, Erdoganstan.  Erdoganstan has given free board to various factions of terrorists, with focus on Jabhat al Nusra in addition to providing them with maps of the nearly 200k landmines not cleared from its border with Syria, which has been used for most of the 350k foreign terrorists to enter the SAR (including, but not limiting, US illegal, John McCain).  In this statement, WHO boasts of being “in continuous contact with health partners in Idleb.”

Such bragging of its collaboration with terrorists, strongly suggests that WHO also has trust in AlQaeda.

**Wahhabi absolute monarchy Gulfie toilet Qatar issued a guarantee of the safety of OPCW investigators, into Idlib — provided punishment would be inflicted upon the perpetrators. That Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter”’) could give such a guarantee means that this toilet has control over the terrorists occupying this region of Syria, and that a fix would be in.  Surely these investigators noted the worth of such a guarantor, vis-a-vis the Qatar (and Turkey) run terrorist massacre in al Rashidin on 15 April.  The exchange of terrorists for the Syrian civilian captives held by the terrorists, was brokered by ally Iran, and Gutter.  The families of those slaughtered hold Qatar and its cohorts responsible. Given that carnage, OPCW has no choice but to trust in AlQaeda, and take the words of terrorists as in lieu of actual forensics.

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Israel launched the GB hoax on 23 April 2013, in an effort to assist the French and British sabotage of Syria’s request for an investigation into the deadly chemical attacks against Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.

Upon writing an anti-Syria missive the length of a bible, NYT’s Sanger immediately complained to CNN’s Amanwour that Brun “did not give us a sense of what direct evidence they had.”

Despite Sanger’s belated announcement, Amanwour was undeterred, and used shaving cream as evidence of the GB hoax, when she subsequently interviewed a representative of the money-making-from-the-corpses-of-Syrians SAMS gang (engaged in massive fundraising since 4 April).

Amanwour interview of SAMS rep in which shaving cream evidence was produced, April 2013

History of chemical- and biological weapons and poison of Syrian water supplies, threats and atrocities, here.  Note that the threats, which began 5 December 2012, were not reported in msm.

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