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Trump Regime Illegals Wounded in Syria; Erdogan Mercs Fratricide Continues


One day after US President Donald J. Trump emitted one of his most bizarre bragging statements about his very good work against Syria, 3 American illegals in Deir Ezzor and 5 of their SDF cannon fodder serfs were wounded.

Around the same time, his great friend, the Turkish Madman Erdogan again witnesses his mercenary pathogens killing each other over Syrian possessions in the Hasakah province.

From SANA: “Three soldiers of the US occupation and 5 members of Qasad (SDF) groups were wounded in an attack against a joint convoy for them on the administrative borders between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor provinces.

“Local sources told SANA reporter that a joint convoy for the US forces and the US-backed Qasad groups was attacked by unidentified gunmen with machine guns and RPG launchers at the roundabout of Rwaished village on the administrative borders between the provinces of Hasaka and Deir Ezzor as 3 US soldiers and 5 members of Qasad groups were injured.

“The sources indicated that the wounded were rushed to the US illegitimate base in al-Shadadi city south of Hasaka.”

Most likely, the weapons used against the American illegals in Syria were courtesy of the US taxpayer. On each occasion that the Syrian Arab Army rids an area of terrorist pathogens, the “beasts with two legs” leave behind hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of NATO weapons, in many cases tens of millions of dollars worth of such weapons even national armies of new NATO member states don’t dream of having. In fact, one day after the egocentric Trump version of Good job, Brownie! the SAA discovered RPG rounds, grenades, a chunk of a Turkish drone, and other weapons in a liberated area of Idlib southern countryside.


Let us be mindful that in May 2017, the Maghaweer Thawra faction of al Qaeda’s offshoot ISIS thanked the Trump regime for the brand new vehicles and weapons gifted to them, courtesy of the American taxpayer: About 90 of these brand new Toyota machinegun-mounted pickups were later delivered to ISIS terrorists on the borders with Iraq in the open desert of Deir Ezzor.

Two days after the hyper-superlative phone call between Trump and Madman Erdogan, the latter’s mercenaries were again killing each other in the Ras al-Ain countryside of Hasakah, over which terrorist gang of human pathogens would get to steal which portions of Syrian homes, farms, businesses, and household appliances, and which al Qaeda faction would get to sell stolen property to Turkey.

An unknown number of savages — alas, whatever the numbers, not enough — killed each other, showing that Madman Erdogan last month having deployed an extra gang of Turkish illegals to halt the fratricide continues to be unsuccessful. This in-fighting among the caliph wannabe Turkish leader’s savages came at time where others of their ilk and US illegals in Syria torched more Syrian farmlands, mainly wheat crops, coming on the heels of the fraud Christian Trump torching 50 acres of wheat fields on the Christian sabbath, Sunday 17 May.

President Trump gave this answer in response to a question on a time table for US troops out of Afghanistan:

From 26 May transcript of the White House affordable insulin for seniors press briefing.

Incoherent even by Trump standards, this “very long border” between Syria and Turkey is a whopping 915 km/ 568.5 mi, and contains almost 200,000 land mines that Turkey promised to clean up when it signed the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003 (amazingly, not one of the 350,000 terrorists — nor NATO politicians nor NATO journalists — illegally entering Syria through this border has stepped on one).

greater syria
A map of Syria before the carving of various imperial invaders, beginning with the Romans, who hacked off a piece & named it Palestine, later hacked into Israel & Jordan by Anglo-French occupiers.

Some of the POTUS’ bragging can be partially explained via this list:

The bottom line of his incoherent, misplaced bragging is that Trump and Madman Erdogan continue their conspiracy to Israelize parts of the Syrian Arab Republic, to ethnically cleanse parts of the country of its indigenous Syrians, replacing them with criminal occupiers.

Ethnic cleansing is a war crime, though the Trump haters of the media will never condemn him for this atrocity.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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