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Trump Protesting Syrian – Russian Oil Agreements by Terrorist Attacks on Syrian Oil Facilities

Trump terrorists target Syrian oil facilities in Homs

Three main oil and gas facilities in the central province of Homs were targeted by terrorist attacks earlier this morning.

The Syrian Ministry of Oil reported the incident on its social media pages and relayed by SANA. These attacks are occurring a couple of days after the Syrian Parliament approved 2 oil exploration contracts with Russian companies.

Trump’s declaration of his interest in controlling the Syrian oil is translated by his forces occupying some of the main Syrian oil fields northeast of the country, and with his terrorists now bombing other oil facilities.

Syrian oil facilities have been the main target of the US-sponsored terrorists dubbed ‘Peaceful Protesters’ since the early days of the US-led World War of Terror against Syria. Oil exploration and refinery machinery were stolen in broad daylight by al-Qaeda terrorists moving into Turkey with the help of Turkish forces.

Systematic bombing of Syrian oil and gas pipelines was a main objective to harm the Syrian people, especially in winter seasons, and even a crew of the Pentagon’s propaganda news channel, the CNN, blew an oil pipeline themselves and filmed it on cameras and then blamed the Syrian army of it…!

This latest attack targeted the main Syrian oil refinery in Homs, Central Syria, along with the South-Central Gas Plant, and Al-Rayyan Gas Plant, all in Homs province.

The Syrian Ministry of Oil reported that the targeted plants and refinery sustained damage in some of its production facilities.

Specialized technical workshops have been dispatched instantly to the site and are working on extinguishing the fires and repairing the damages, the ministry added.

Meanwhile, Trump with the help of his joker Erdogan and ‘experts’ from the Al-Saud regime continue stealing Syrian oil from the fields occupied by terrorists loyal to the junta ruling the White House. The stolen Syrian oil is smuggled into Turkey then sold to Israel.

Terrorists of ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, and the separatist Kurdish SDF militia participated and continue to participate in this ugly theft, while humanitarian bastards at the United Nations Security Council try to pass a resolution to extend illegal across the borders supply routes for the terrorists from Turkey into northern Syria for an additional year and open the 5th crossing. Thankfully, there are countries with power at the helm of the world’s corrupt organization that stopped that criminal resolution from passing with a double veto.

The ‘pen-holders’ who introduced the vetoed UNSC draft resolution failed to notice the draconian sanctions imposed on 18 million Syrians and only are concerned about the terrorists accompanying Erdogan forces in their incursion north and northeast of Syria.

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