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Trump Forces Smuggle 37 Stolen Syrian Oil Tankers into Iraq

Trump forces smuggle stolen Syrian oil to Iraq - Archive photo

Trump forces in US Army uniforms smuggled a new convoy of stolen Syrian oil from areas they occupy illegally in Syria into areas they control in neighboring Iraq through an illegal border crossing.

The convoy of 37 oil tankers was seen yesterday evening by locals in the Suweidiya area, in the southern countryside of Hasakah province northeast of Syria, moving through the illegal Al-Walid border crossing carrying stolen Syrian oil and heading towards Iraqi territories.

Locals who reported seeing Trump forces smuggle the stolen Syrian oil reported seeing a number of vehicles of the Kurdish SDF separatist militia guarding the convoy to the Al-Walid illegal border crossing.

Donald Trump has explicitly said he is keeping ‘a small number US Army troops to steal the Syrian oil’, he added that he ‘likes oil’, watch the US Army’s Commander in Chief stating that the US Army personnel deployed to Syria are mere gangsters to steal the oil:

Trump defining the job description of his forces in Syria.
Fake pious Trump burns Syrian wheat fields on Christian Sabbath
Fake pious Trump burns Syrian wheat fields on Christian Sabbath

This above statement by their chief clearly indicates the true nature of US army personnel deployed abroad, at least those operating in Syria, US Army personnel killed in action will not have wasted their lives defending their country, not even defending their country’s interest, they will have wasted their lives in an armed robbery from people who are already impoverished by a US-led prolonged war of terror and war of attrition against their country topped up with unprecedented draconian sanctions against the ordinary Syrian people under a law dubbed Caesar Act.

One day the US taxpayers will have to pay back the price of the stolen Syrian oil, with interest, and with penalties, if you do believe in God, or if you believe in Karma, it will happen, let alone pay for the carnage and suffering they inflicted and continue to do so on the people of many countries around the world.

Trump forces operating illegally in Syria also give military protection for the separatist Kurdish militias who want to carve out large swaths of Syrian territories to create a second Israel in their quest to create a ‘Greater Kurdistan’ over territories in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, and maybe beyond.

Trump forces use the leverage of their military illegal presence in Iraq to carry out their cross-border incursions into Syria serving mainly as oil smugglers and moving ISIS commanders in between the two countries. It’s the same Donald Trump whose one of the main election campaign vows was to build a wall with neighboring Mexico to ‘protect his country from thieves’.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Trump forces are thieves just like how their commander in chief is a thief, he even lives on the account of taxpayers without paying taxes properly and that was before he became president..


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