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Trump Forces to Relocate ISIS Terrorists Out of Northeast Syria

ISIS terrorists in Syria - إرهابيو داعش في سوريا

A new agreement reached between Trump Forces leading the illegal self-proclaimed ‘International Coalition to ‘fight’ (Read: Support) ISIS’, the SDF, and ISIS commanders to relocate ISIS terrorists out of their last pocket northeast of Syria.

It’s not the first time the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist forces ‘SDF’ and US-sponsored ISIS get into agreements. What happens on the ground is completely different than what Pentagon’s mainstream media and internet-bots try to paint: SDF fighting ISIS is, in reality, an exchange of flags of areas controlled by one of the parties to the other under US command.

The non-existent battles to liberate the city of Raqqa from ISIS by the SDF and the US-led coalition was merely an exchange of flags between ISIS and the SDF followed by a Dresden-like bombardment campaign by the US Coalition against the city to delete any evidence incriminating the US forces in leading ISIS and to set a more profitable stage for Western companies to rebuild the infrastructure the US destroyed.

‘Liberating’ the city of Raqqa from ISIS was, in reality, the ‘Obliterating’ of the doomed city of Raqqa after removing ISIS from there.

US Coalition has wiped Raqqa off the earth.
US Coalition has wiped Raqqa off the earth.

Numerous reports and local residents’ confirmed seeing US helicopters enter ISIS-controlled areas in dozens of locations northeast Syria, removing ISIS commanders and US contractors, then declaring a military operation to clean those areas from ISIS terrorists.

Trump Forces and their colleagues in the illegal coalition have transferred hundreds of ISIS commanders and ‘die-hard’ terrorists from Syria into Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, back to Libya, the Philippines, and elsewhere, some for recreational leave, others for reuse in other battlegrounds where a US direct intervention is planned and a cause is needed.

Mouthpieces of US-sponsored FSA terrorist groups in Syria known as ‘Coordination Committees’ sources and social media pages reported the latest agreement to remove ISIS out of the East of Euphrates river in Syria.

The ‘coordination committees’ gave two destinations for the removed ISIS terrorists: The Iraqi Anbar Desert, and the open desert plains of Tanf southeast of Syria, where in both cases the US maintains a military presence!

The agreement reached between the US different factions stated that ISIS terrorists promise not to return to the areas they’ll be removed from east of the Euphrates River, which will be under the control of the US-sponsored SDF separatist militias. It also included the obligation of the US-led coalition to treat ISIS’s injured and to hand over some of the ISIS prisoners to the ‘coalition’.

Within two days, the agreement should be fulfilled and ISIS terrorist will be removed from the last 4 square kilometers (1.54 square miles) under the Coalition’s supervision, the agreement stated.

‘We do not negotiate with terrorists’, whenever you hear this sentence from a US politician, or any politician from their cronies, be sure they are not negotiating with the terrorists, because they’re actually commanding them.

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