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Trump Forces Lose a Helicopter in Hasakah Province, in Northeast Syria

Trump forces lose a helicopter in Hasakah northeast of Syria

A US Army helicopter has crashed near the village of Tal Haddad in Yarubiyeh countryside, Hasakah province, in northeast Syria, the Syrian news agency SANA reported.

Trump forces rushed to the perimeter to secure the remains of the crashed subject.

This helicopter belongs to the ‘Oil Thieves Battalion’ deployed to Syria and operates between Syria and Iraq through the Yarubiyeh border crossing between the two countries through which Trump smuggles his troops and their gears illegally. Trump forces operating in Syria are there only to steal the Syrian oil, as per the official mandate from their commander in chief:

This video is also on BitChute.

The illegal international coalition to support ISIS led by the USA denied any crash of their helicopters in Hasakah, which is typical taking in consideration the initial denials issued by the Pentagon which are usually followed by gradual information about injuries then headaches then body bags, this incident could very much be in the same context.

04:00 PM Damascus local time:

Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen news channel reported through ‘its sources’ that a helicopter did carry out an emergency landing in the Haddad town, in the Yarubiyeh countryside due to engine failure and that none of Trump forces were injured. The channel added that the helicopter was among a patrol consisting of two more helicopters and armored vehicles securing the ‘petrol line’, which is the route used by Trump forces to steal the Syrian oil through.

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