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Trump Forces Kill a Child and Injure his Mother in Northern Deir Ezzor

Trump forces in Deir Ezzor Hasakah Raqqa northern Syria

Trump forces killed a child and severely injured his mother in shelling of a town in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, local sources confirmed.

Forces loyal to the outgoing US lunatic president Donald Trump operating illegally in Syria to steal the Syrian oil shelled with mortars the town of Al-Izba in the northern country killing a 7-years old child and severely injuring his mother.

Trump kept a large number of troops in Syria of what his predecessor Obama illegally deployed to help ISIS and used them to continue the mandate of Obama in assisting the terrorist group free movement in the Syrian desert, east, and southeast of the country, and extended their mandate in the east of Euphrates region to loot the Syrian oil, Syrian wheat, and other produce smuggling them out of the country into neighboring Iraq and selling part of the stolen oil to the Turkish madman Erdogan through his family business in order to starve out the Syrian population of more than 15 million Syrians in Syrian government-controlled areas.

Trump’s officials repeatedly declared their regime’s policy is to inflict ‘maximum pressure on the Syrian population’ in order to subdue the last standing secular country in the entire region and drag them to recognize the dominance of the anti-Jewish Zionist state of Israel occupying Palestine.

It’s not the first time Trump forces kill Syrian children directly and, similarly, their Kurdish SDF separatist proxies and ISIS terrorist groups; the locals in regions occupied by Trump forces and their proxies have vowed to expel all these criminals with all means possible.

The Syrian government repeatedly called on the NATO-controlled United Nations Security Council to abide by its own mandate and by the UN Charter and respect the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, the founding member of the United Nations, but to no avail, this leaves not many options for the Syrian people and their allies to restore the independence of their country at all costs through ways of resistance.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Even if Biden is very bad, nobody is as bad as Trump and his arrogance and war crimes, no former US president ever bombed Syria not even at the most tense times between the two countries. Many former US presidents visited Syria and wanted normal relations with it, except the deep state would prevent them, by all means.

  2. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Are you guys ready to change your broken record for a new one starting like Biden/Kamala forces and bla-bla-bla…?
    Mr. Netanyahu is very proud of you people!
    All Jews are extremely satisfied with your converge of their true scale of crimes.


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