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Trump’s Fascist Coalition Slaughters Syrians from Air; Terrorists Accelerate Atrocities on Ground


The Obama-cum-Trump fascist coalition bombed at least 50 Syrian civilians to death in al Baghouz, Deir Ezzor, Monday, 11 March. That death toll was expected to rise, as many of the survivors sustained serious and critical injuries. Baghouz has been a frequent target of the war criminals’ venom, sometimes doubling down on the atrocities by bombing with banned white phosphorus. Terrorists armed by US and other NATO countries have simultaneously increased atrocities against civilians.

Still from the US-led fascist coalition again bombing Baghouz with white phosphorus, 11 March.

Let us be clear that the war crimes committed by the US are, and have always been, bipartisan. It was Democrat Obama who funded and armed the FSA — the original al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. It was Obama who created the fascist coalition of countries that dumped their human savages into the SAR, to then use them as excuse to bomb Syria. It was Obama who brought together international wetworkers and genetically modified them into the “SDF.” It was Obama who slaughtered 83 soldiers in Deir Ezzor, in September 2016 (after which ISIS immediately shot down a Syrian bomber jet, with ground-to-air missiles provided with US tax money). It was Democrat Obama who lied and said the slaughter was an ”accident.”

What the fascist coalition did 18 September 2016.

It was Republican Trump who bombed two bridges in al Raqqa, on 2 February, 2017 (possibly breaking the record for from inauguration to war criminal). Raqqa was the Syrian city of 800,000 held hostage by 3,000 NATO- and Gulfies-owned terrorists, a city turned to rubble by the fascist coalition.


It was Trump who unilaterally bombed the Ash Sha’irat airbase for ISIS/al Qaeda, 7 April 2017. He did not lie and pretend it was an accident. And while the old, rabid warmongers of MSM got a collective hardon over Trump’s sudden, uh, toxic masculinity, “liberals” cheered Ivanka, and averted their gaze from Syria’s collective grief over the intentional murder of soldiers protecting their homeland, over Syrian children degraded into “collateral damage. One year later, he led the fascist coalition given to him by Obama, which bombed Syria per the lies of al Qaeda in Douma.

Refer to Trump at UNGA, in September. Remember that MSM reported on the snickering over his beginning with domestic employment stats, while ignoring the criminal audience nodding its collective head in approval throughout the speech in which he basically declared war on the universe.

US Americans are in dire need of breaking out of their Mockingbird cages. US presidents do not undergo demonic possession upon inauguration; they become Commander-in-Chief of all military actions. Each president assumes 100% responsibility for his war crimes. Each member of the American populace has the moral duty to not make genocide a team sport; how did neither “left” nor “right” not notice that Trump followed the fake news CNN!!! interview with British terrorist-illegal-de-licensed doctor to bomb Syria?

Though ever-prescient Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes called this “Saturno devorando a su hijo,” his painting was actually allegory of US presidents devouring the world.

In between the Obama-cum-Trump war criminal bombings of the Syrian Arab Republic, the terrorists armed, funded, and deployed by these murderous hypocrites, also have been busy in their savagery in ground-to-ground atrocities. NATO MSM have continued incitement of partisan teams in genocide as spectator sport.

On 8 March, SAA soldiers discovered a massive cache of US and Israeli weapons left behind by their terrorist dogs (SANA’s English channel was censored by Google/YouTube, which has been on a ‘search & destroy’ mission for two years, especially focused on channels providing English captions to Arab language uploads.):

On 9 March, fourteen civilians were martyred by landmines left behind by retreating takfiri. Eleven were killed and eight injured when the van in which they traveled, in Tadmor, blew up. In Hama governate, two kids walking through farmland in al Zohur village of Salamyiah, were blown up from stepping on a landmine. In al Serb village, al Shadadi Hasaka, one child was murdered and five injured, as they herded some sheep.

Also on 9 March, shells were again fired into Mhardeh, with only infrastructure damage.

‘Only’ a business or a home or a school.

US impunity shows increasing arrogance.

On 10 March, six rocket shells were launched into Masyaf area, causing material damage. The terrorists fired from Ltamenah, still occupied by the Saudi-owned faction of al Qaeda that call themselves al Ezza. These are the savages whose “open source” social media propaganda was used by UC Berkeley’s “Human Rights Lab Investigation” to pimp anti-Syria propaganda in January 2018.

How many Americans would sing, “Oh, Freedom!” if weapons of destruction were fired into their neighborhoods, their kids’ schools?


The terrorist ground troops of the fascist coalition were busy on 12 March. Ground-to-ground bombs were launched against al Zahraa and al Mogambo neighborhoods in Aleppo. One civilian was murdered and three others injured by these terrorist rockets.

Syrian blood on a street in Aleppo. Shall we sing, “God Bless America” for this gift?

Earlier, a terrorist rocket landed on a house in al Mogambo. There were no injuries except to the house. A bomb landing on a home is more evidence that “democracy” is a paraphilia which belongs only in the DSM-R.

Also on 12 March, the Russian Defense Ministry released satellite imagery of three mass graves at the wall of the Rukban concentration camp. It is the US which leads illicit, western, on-the-ground troops which have recreated the SS in invasion and occupation of parts of Syria.

What is the neo-SS doing to more than 40,000 captive Syrians, that mass graves exist nearby? Have the “tripartite aggressors” sent in their doctors Mengele?

On 13 March, Syrians were awakened by new western alarm clocks, when two grad missiles were fired by NATO-backed terrorists into Lattakia.

Lattakia bedroom with improved sunlight, courtesy of western terrorists bombing out the wall.

On 14 March, Syrian authorities uncovered multiple weapons in two areas of Daraa countryside, left behind by barbarian savage friends of the Monsters of Congress. Among them were: Machine guns, RPG launchers, anti-armor launchers, grenades, ammunition — the standard accoutrements of noble characters yearning to breathe free.

After all, what New Yorker, Parisian, Londoner, or Berliner would not love to see this gentleman walking through his or her city?

Takfiri savage carried RPG and extra missile, thanks to US. Archive, May 2017

The next day, the fascist coalition took a short break from bombing Syria with white phosphorus and deploying ground barbarians from moderate use of mortars and missiles, focusing on criminal propaganda, instead. From the entrails of the d Annual Brussels Conference on Syria, came the State Department al-Qaeda press statement that the US was to give another $5 million to the death squad White Helmets.

White Helmets member Hassan, locked and loaded

Also on the 15th — and likely from this also Syria-less imperialist meeting on Syria — came the really filthy joint statement from F/UK/US + Germany, all members of the fascist coalition and all countries who have dumped their human garbage into the SAR, and armed them. Note the statement begins in complete liarship, as these countries all closed the embassies; ergo, there can be no “envoys to.”

Fetid statement also ignores the fact that Dr. al Assad, the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, has repeatedly stated that no country involved in Syria’s destruction will have any role in its reconstruction.

That Germany ‘assisted’ in issuing the statement suggests it is now a member of the filthy, rotten “Small American Group” against the SAR. Germany remains a member of the Obama-cum-Trump led fascist coalition; it has provided weapons to takfiri in Syria and continues to bomb the country. Any MSM stories of antipathy against Trump is geopolitical kabuki, as ridiculous as the faux hostility between Trump and the little frog enucleator, Macron. It is also as absurd as Merkel’s nickname of Mutti.

Likewise, it is essential to recognize that the annual Brussels illicit, syphilitic conjugal meetings were launched by Syria-hater Morgherini,  excludes Syria as does the ISSG, and demands a neo-colonialist imposition of a Constitution via UNSCR 2254, written by the world’s leaders in genocide.

Mere hours after Nusra & White Helmets announced a chemical attack, EU’s Morgherini condemned Syria
Syria-hater Morgherini warmly greeted terrorist sympathizer Anas Abdah at EC headquarters

Also on 15 March, one of the two historical firsts elected to Congress, came out firmly on the side of NATO destruction of another Muslim-majority country.

The other “historical first” waited till the next day to support terrorism, femicide, rape, torture of children, and other atrocities (both of these “firsts,” by the way, were silent when the Feds kidnapped Marzieh Hashemi).

Physical war crimes returned to what is considered normal and righteous by western colonialist serfs: The fascist coalition again bombed al Baghouz, Syrians were wounded and murdered by rocket shells in al Suqaylabiyah City, northern Hama, and another 36 were wounded and 4 martyred in another landmines explosion in al Shoula, Deir Ezzor countryside.


On the 17th, the war criminal coalition again bombed Baghouz. The next day, NATO terrorists fired mortars on al Aziziya and al Rasif villages in Hama, with only people’s homes and essential infrastructure damaged.

On or about the 19th, various German politicians went full kabuki in artificial self-righteousness, screeching indignation over Trump’s ambassador reputedly not minding his business. Were these scum honest, they would not be part of Obama-cum-Trump’s fascist coalition, they would have indicted Claas Relotius under Nuremberg, and they might have noticed the demons they help arm were snipers who fired upon a school bus containing kindergarten children. Again, the Aleppo neighborhood of al Zahraa was targeted.

One teacher was wounded and 5 year old Taim Zaabrani was murdered.

Syrian baby, 5 year old Taim Zaabrani was murdered by NATO-run snipers while on his bus to kindergarten class.

The slaughter of Syrian children has been bipartisan. Under Obama, the FSA death squads frequently targeted schools and buses to transport kids to school, remotely detonated wired vehicles parked near schools, in order to blow up children, and also murdered them with snipers. Atrocities against children continue under Trump, while the west cries for the savages who butcher them.

femicide -No tears from western msm when this Syrian child was blown up by moderate terrorists
No tears from western msm when this Syrian child was blown up by moderate terrorists
Yousuf, 9, killed by a sniper bullet while walking home from school.

Omar Odah Bashi, 14. He was martyred as a result of burns he suffered when his neighborhood was bombed by the UN backed terrorists of Al-Ghouta.

Today, 20 March, has been a relatively quiet day for the people of the Syrian Arab Republic. There were no reports on murders of Syrian civilians by NATO-backed terrorists. Only two were reported injured by moderate rockets fired onto Syrian homes.

Surely, all western colonialist serfs would be delighted to see their homes destroyed by missiles & rockets, cheering such “liberation”? How interesting that this ferocious, deadly savagery is supported by Republicans such as Rubio, Kizinger, &
Graham, AND by Democrats such as Sanders, Omar, & Tlaib.

Syria now enters its 10th year of battle against the most heinous international conspiracy against one country, in history.

There seem to be scant few sane among us to recognize this fact, which should be self-evident.

The filth on America’s Capitol Hill have demonstrated the inclusivity of imperialist “white savior complex,” which now encompasses all striations and colorations.

Civilized persons who may be suffering some form of “temporary insanity” have a moral duty to break free of it; all decent human beings must condemn the war crimes of this bipartisan, trans-Atlantic, fascist coalition.

Miri Wood

“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali


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