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Trump Delivers a War Declaration, Claims Peace Seeker Status

Donald Trump declares war on the world

Arriving nearly one half hour late, and presenting precariously dyspneic, US President Donald J. Trump addressed the world on Iran’s retaliation for Trump’s vile assassinations of IRCG Quds Commander Qassem Soleimani and PMU Deputy Commander Abu Mahdi al Muhandis. Though necessarily short due to his worrisome breathing difficulties, Trump’s statement was overflowing with lies, of the war propaganda variety.

Trump claimed zero casualties from Iran’s retaliatory bombing of two US military bases in Iraq, the first time any country engaged in such retaliation, openly. He claimed negligible damage to infrastructure.

In dictatorial fashion, Trump declared that “Iran must abandon its nuclear ambitions,” and then went on to lie that Iran was bribed into signing the Death Takes a Holiday JCPOA treaty (never does any western politician note that there is a difference between civilian nuclear technology and nuclear bombs, nor does any ever mention that the US was the only country to annihilate two cities with its two nuclear bombs.).

The US — not Iran — did this to Hiroshima.

Trump lied that the legendary counter-terrorism leader Soleimani had ”created hell” in a long list of countries, including Iran and Syria. Somehow, the US president missed the millions of Iranian mourners who poured into the streets of Tehran to be part of the beloved martyr’s funeral procession.

When did the world last see millions of people in a funeral procession?

Somehow, Trump missed the fact that Soleimani was beloved in Syria, also, for helping to rid Aleppo, and other parts of the country from alQaeda/ISIS terror.

Again confusing Saudi Wahhabi terrorists with Iran’s fight against terrorism, he maliciously and absurdly called the revered Soleimani the “world’s top terrorist,” neglecting to factor in the reality that very few in the western world had ever heard the name. Trump projected British piracy onto Iran, and lied that the commander was responsible for the deaths of “thousands of US troops.”

On 12 January 2016, Iran captured two US Navy boats that had illegally entered Iranian seas. All American captives were released, unharmed, 15 hours later.

Trump also tried to dump Israeli military disregard for human life, onto Hezb Allah. Someone forgot to tell him that in September, the IDF tried to get Hezb Allah to fire upon a vehicle with dummies in it, and when that did not work, the IDF replaced the dummies with a dark-skinned Falasha Jewish soldier, and Hezb Allah did not fire.

The US president continued in spewing fabrications, again mentioning the false flag operation of 27 December, which was used as cover for military aggression and cowardly assassination (he neglected to mention the name of the “American” allegedly killed on that date, possibly as 12 days passed before the script writers came up with a backstory, and a name, yesterday.).

Trump also called for more NATO intervention in the region, which is not part of the North Atlantic. It seems the dozens of US-NATO bases that surround Iran are simply not enough.

He also engaged in some ranting over the US not needing oil from the region, but he offered no explanation of why he has bragged about stealing Syrian oil, nor why he invited Saudi tyrants to assist with the theft, in Deir Ezzor.

After some additional, incoherent remarks, Trump left with his fake olive branch, hopefully to meet with his cardiologist for some carotid massage and medication, and staff physician for a healthy disimpaction.

Miri Wood

Postcript: There is a significant problem with constipation among the geriatric population, particularly those who are significantly overweight. Straining for an evacuation can cause a valsalva maneuver, which in turn can cause cardiac dysrthymias, myocardial infarction, and/or cerebral vascular accident. This unfortunate situation was quite possibly the reason for Mr. Trump’s lateness — he could not cancel — and his disturbing dyspnea.

The word, “healthy,” above, is in boldface font, as there is a case study involving a senior patient who vagaled down to permanent flat-line during disimpaction.

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