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Trump and Erdogan War Crimes Increase COVID-19 Risk in Syria

US illegal military troops - forces in Syria with Kurdish SDF help to loot Syrian oil

That the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks physical, social, and economic havoc in the US and Turkey, unindicted criminals Trump and Erdogan continue their military aggression against Syria, increasing the risk of contagion in the Levantine republic which to date has prevented an epidemic, via testing, quarantine, and border closures.

On Wednesday, the Trump regime forces — American illegals — invaded Syria with another huge convoy of 50 military vehicles from the illegitimate crossing of al Walid, from Iraq, into Qamishli city, which is in Syria, which is not a part of the USA.

At the same time, illegal American military aircraft illegally landed in the Military Airport in Kharab al Jeer, which is also in Syria, which is not the USA.

Piece of an atlas which shows the location of the Syrian Arab Republic and of the US, the USA is the large yellow block on the left side of the above map; Syria is the red triangle in the center right south of Turkey.

Also yesterday, villagers of the Tal Hamis in Qamishli southern countryside blocked a Trump regime convoy of tanks, threw stones, and yelled. Unlike a similar situation in February, when the humiliated American illegals in tanks and kevlar murdered a Syrian civilian, this time the Trump illegals turned around. At this writing, Trump has not thrown a Rumpelstiltskin fit by bombing some nearby farmland.

Given the COVID-19 contagion within the US military, the Trump regime forces should be sheltering in place, instead of engaging in war crimes in Syria.

Earlier this month, Turkey was reported as number one in rate of COVID-19 contagion in the world; new reports call it number one in speed of contagion in the region.

Possibly proud of this notoriety, Madman Erdogan — who began releasing 45k criminals from incarceration, 16 April, because Orwellian microbiology dictates that high-risk populations should be dumped into healthy populations in order to curb contagion — today dumped more “military reinforcement” (illegals) into the Abu Rasin area of Hasaka northern countryside.

As we do not know what Erdogan did with the fake refugees he dumped at the Greek border in early March, and then took back, we do not know where he is dumping his newly released criminals. Nonetheless, we might keep in mind the Mariel Boatlift of October 1980, and more recently that the Saudis dumped 1,239 of their death row inmates into Syria.

The caliph-wannabe criminally entered the Syrian Arab Republic with “4 military vehicles, equipped with machine-guns” to further occupy the villages of Dawodyah and Anyq al Hawa. The NATO weapons were distributed among the al Qaeda mercenaries loyal to the Erdogan regime, needed to further terrorize Syrian civilians from their homes, their farmlands, their daily lives.

Last week, the Captagon-fueled human pathogens run by Erdogan set fire to peoples’ homes and kidnapped a physician in the Ras al Ayn area of Hasaka. Ras al Ayn has been under Erdogan regime terrorist occupation since October, and his thugs — with or without military uniform — have controlled the Alouk Power Plant water supply since.

It would appear that the gifts Erdogan sent to his human pathogens occupying the Ras al Ayn area have not been enough to staunch the fratricide among these ravenous savages. Today, one faction of the criminally insane blew up several in another faction, via the planting of landmines.

The ugly death toll in the fratricide has not been made available. Alas, the only report of fragging has been limited to the late March report, when Erdogan’s wetworkersaccidentally’ murdered two Turkish soldiers.

At this time, Trump illegals occupy the northern region of al Hasaka governate and in the southeastern region in Tanf, while Erdogan criminals are stationed at the north and in the northwestern province of Idlib. Perhaps they and their COVID-19 contaminants will meet and limit contagion to each other, and also save the Syrian Arab Army some time.

Reports that Erdogan forces were reinforced in the occupied parts of Idlib province with more than 15,000 new cannon-fodder Turkish army hapless soldiers, loaded with armored vehicles, machine gun-mounted pick-up trucks, advanced air defense systems, electronic jamming systems, satellite communication devices, and no ideology or just cause to die for except pleasing the bloodthirst of Erdogan. All of this while the Turkish economy is drowning and Erdogan continues to beg Trump for financial aid where he postponed putting the S400 Russian-made air defense system into operation earlier this week submitting to Trump’s pressure.

Much of the US population remains under lockdown, and while various governors and mayors release criminals into non-criminal society — because COVID-19, Newspeak microbiology & virology — American law enforcement is busy arresting parents playing with their children in parks, and hotlines have been set up for tyrant-hopefuls to snitch on neighbors who sit on their stoops.

While Americans await those life-line COVID-19 safety net checks that seem to only be finding their way to mega-businesses, Trump fans and Trump haters alike can rejoice in knowing their taxes continue to be spent on military weapons given to al Qaeda in Syria. The SAA has found another huge number of American-made NATO weapons, abandoned by terrorists, in Daraa and al Sweida south of Syria. Photographs, here.

Miri Wood

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