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Triad of Terrorism Against Syria

Syria Texas

by Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

In the first two days of this week, FUKUS — France/UK/US –reminded the world of their collective, inherent insanity, continuing their attacks against Syria, and flaunting their extensive disregard for International Law as it relates to Syria.

On May 27, right wing U.S. Senator and former right wing presidential candidate, ex-POW who never should have gotten out of the camp, John McCain became an illegal alien, and illegally entered Syria, for an illegal meeting with the barbarians of the Fake Syrians Army, who provided him with a shopping list of required atrocities in order to make Syria “Libya, Part II,” or “Iraq, Part III” (one might wonder if the senator was forced to gum a human heart, during meal time, as most likely his dentures fell out when he tried to take a bite).

US Mad Senator John McCain with his friends from Al-Qaeda in Syria
US Mad Senator John McCain with his friends from Al-Qaeda in Syria

On May 27, Syrian journalist and patriot, Yara Abbas, became another martyred Syrian journalist, when she was killed by FSA snipers.

On May 27, both Le Merde and The Guardian [of Hell] (a.k.a. “Geryon”) reported extensively on Merde journalists having illegally entered Syria, and having spent two months with the savages of the FSA. Though both yellow journals of these two imperial countries, horny for their return to Sykes-Picot, were fabrications (and are in the process of being fully dissected), obviously the Merde scribes were doing something in Syria, during their eight week stay.

One day earlier, beginning in the first moments of May 26, residents of Damascus were disturbed by a putrid odor in the air, and they began seeing white smoke. Dozens met on a Facebook page, where they shared their locations and described their environments; a joke was even made that perhaps the SAA had make a funeral pyre of the many corpses of the recently departed barbarians.

Yesterday, an informal statement was released to the Damascus public that many had been seen in hospital emergency rooms, around the city, and that chief complaints were shortness of breath, blurred vision, a “sense of suffocation,” and epiphora (excessive tearing with facial overflow). Ninety percent of the patients were seen and discharged, with 10% kept for overnight observation.

Also reported, though unofficially, was that the FSA terrorists attempted to strike at Damascus with a rocket containing white phosphorus, a rocket that exploded mid-air, causing minor injuries, some very short-lived fear, and no fatalities.

Is it possible that a white phosphorus rocket explosion on the capital of Syria, was meant to be a welcome to McCain, who helped to launch the successful, bloody coup against Libya? That the martyrdom of yet another patriot journalist was to increase the terror? That a U.S. senator would literally invade Syria (and that his office would confirm it, as if to say, “what are you going to do about it?”).

How could the savages of the FSA come to be able to build a white phosphorus bomb? We have all seen photos and videos of these toothless-inbred-wild-eyed-permanently-brain-damaged-from-repeated-childhood-head-beatings-hideous-creatures-of-the-stuff-of-which-nightmares-are-made. We have heard them; they are incapable of any utterance except a sentence fragment in the form of blasphemous words. They do not have the intellectual capacity to fashion such a missile, without someone of some intelligence, guiding them. As the Merde reporter claimed that he was not alone, though no co-author appeared in the byline, did he have a bomb-maker with him?

Though this question cannot be immediately answered, it will be proven, via the reporter’s own hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of words — in an article currently being researched — that he lied about what he was doing during his, and his colleagues, illegal entry and stay in Syria, and for which they should all have to face proper punishment.

'You reap what you sow'
‘You reap what you sow’

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