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Tragedy: 18 People Killed by Landmines Explosions in Hama Province

Salamiyah Hama landmines explosion Syria

18 people were killed and 3 others injured by explosions of landmines in their vehicles in the eastern countryside of Hama, Central Syria.

The landmines exploded in two vehicles carrying the victims were on their way to collect truffles from the farmlands of Rasm Al-Ahmar village to the east of Salamiyah, in the eastern countryside of Hama.

The victims were taken to the Salamiyah Hospital, the injuries of the 3 wounded are severe and the doctors are trying their best to save their lives.

NATO-sponsored terrorists of al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, and others have planted areas they infested with tens of thousands of landmines, IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), and have booby-trapped household items and toys for children. NATO taxpayers were very generous shouldering the costs of these killing machines and the wages for the killers of the Syrian people.

Farmers and children are the main victims of the US-led war of terror and war of aggression waged against the Syrian people for the last 10 years, the current economic meltdown in western countries have not urged the governments of these countries, namely the USA, France, and Britain, to reduce their support for their proxies working on destroying and destabilizing the last secular country in the region and far beyond, priorities have been set no matter whoever is in powers in those countries and whatever diversified or not they are.

This latest tragedy comes just a day after 3 children were wounded by an explosive device tied to a sweets box in Daraa, south of Syria. The explosives planted in the bricks of the wall were detonated when the children opened the empty sweets box.

The number of Syrian victims of landmine explosions since the beginning of the US-led mayhem against Syria is more than 2600 civilians, 598 of them were children, tens of thousands of others have been wounded, the majority of who lost a limb or more and have to live with lifetime disability.

Terrorists rely much on landmines and explosives provided to them by their foreign sponsors and the ones they improvise themselves with the blessings of enemies of humanity.

The US and EU sanctions imposed on governments and companies transacting with the Syrian state have impeded Syria’s ability to acquire much-needed equipment and aid from abroad to tackle this major problem that will last for decades to come, again, no thanks to the western regimes trying to export their surplus of freedoms and lifestyles down the throats of the world’s oldest civilization.

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  1. Ronstradamus

    Thank Jewsrael and the jUSA…..Syria has the misfortune of being right within the borders of “Greater Jewsrael”….and it would be ‘anti-semitic’ not to let Jewsraelis kill you and steal your land for the Oded Yinon Plan!…


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