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Top Terror Creating Agency CIA Gives Top Terror Sponsor Saudi a Medal of Gratitude

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President Donald J. Trump has again shown his commitment to draining the swamp.  On 10 February, virgin CIA Director Mike Pompeo was dispatched to Riyadh, Saudi, to launch an orgy of lies, cementing the new administration’s relationship with the world’s leading sponsor of terror.

In an affront to all things decent, and ignoring the official 9/11 terror attack, Pompeo presented inbred Saud ‘Prince’ Mohammad bin Nayef with the George Tenet Demonic Medal for ‘counter-terrorism [sic] efforts.’ Nayef blushed that “our relationship with the United States is historic and strategic, any attempts to undermine that will falter.”  Jeddah-based Arab News absurdly claimed “He also recognized the efforts of brave Saudi men and women of different security agencies and the cooperation of the Saudi public in addressing the terror epidemic.”

Saudi Exports
Saudi Exports

Apparently, the author was fantasizing that Arabian women – who require male guardianship for all activities  — under Saudi occupation are actually Syrian women, whose collective strength and freedom dates back thousands of years, to warrior Queen Zenobia.

George Tenet was bipartisan DCI, 1997- 2004 – Clinton and Bush/Cheneyac.  During this time, he lied that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and oversaw the treasonous act of the 2003 outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame, without holding anyone accountable.  Plame’s husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, had been sent to Niger, to bake some yellow cake uranium propaganda.  When this rare American ambassador with integrity reported the truth, punishment was swift.  Tenet betrayed his own, which is enough to explain the worth of a medal given his name.

On 27 August 2013, UK-based The Telegraph and US-based Business Insider both reported on leaked documents from the closed door meeting with Vladimir Putin and Saudi Bandar Bush.  Both reported that Bandar played capo di tutti capi in offering simultaneous incentives and threats against the upcoming Sochi Olympics, to persuade Russia to break all alliance with Syria:

I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year.  The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.  [T]hese groups do not scare us.  We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.

These reports came 6 days after the monstrous chemical attacks against al Ghouta, attacks launched by NATO/Gulfie sponsored alQaeda/fsamoderate rebels.’ Perpetual war western politicians and war-pimping msm blamed the atrocity on the Syrian government and were about to use it as cover story to obliterate Syria, as NATO had obliterated Libya.  The plan was temporarily halted when Syria joined the OPCW.

It was of no matter to unfake news and war criminal politicians that their moderate terrorists admitted launching the attacks.  As their inbred skills were limited to the primitive chlorine and mustard gas weapons atrocities, they managed to also slaughter several of their own, and then complained “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them.  When Saud Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people he must give them to those who know how to use them.”

Terrorists Sent to Liberate Syria from its People
Terrorists Sent to Liberate Syria from its People

The numbers of Saudi- and Bandar Bush- deployed Chechen terrorists against Syria, is almost incalculable; the atrocities, incalculable.  In early 2014, among the list of foreign terrorists in Syria, were 12,000 Saudis, and 14,000 Chechens.  The Saudscum figures do not include the 1,239 Saudi death row inmates, dumped into Syria in lieu of decapitations, and with promises of lifetime stipends for their families.  The horrors committed by Bandar Bush controlled Chechen terrorist against Syria, have been so immense that Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov sent a battalion of Military Police to help clean the thousands of mines planted his ‘countrymen,’ and to improve the image of his country  in the minds of the Syrian people who had only known them as monsters.

The camel-beastialist Saud ‘royals’ flew hundreds of Uyghur terrorists from China, to Saudistan, and then deployed them to slaughter Syrians.  An entire village of Aleppo, 3,000 persons, was slaughtered by Saudi-funded Uyghurs, who now occupy the Syrian homes, with all of their families, including grandmothers, according to Syria’s UN Ambassador, Bashar al Ja’afari.  His Excellency al Ja’afari – under the new, swamp-draining administration, remains under the old restrictive mobility constraints imposed by the Obama State Department.  In the effort to censor the Syrian ambassador’s successful cross-country Town Hall Meetings, in early 2014, he was limited to a 25mi/40km  radius from the UN.  New POTUS Trump has also not reopened the Syrian Embassy, but he has continued the war criminal bombings of the SAR, begun by old POTUS Obama (SyriaNews has not yet studied the time frames of previous presidents, from oath of office to war crimes, and therefore is unable to tell our readers if Trump is #1.  We can, however, note that he appears to be in a dead heat with Canada’s Trudeau).

In July 2014, Pan Arab al Maydeen TV interviewed former alQaeda insider, Nabel Naiem, who exposed some of the Saudi terror inflicted on Syria, and the fact that Obama has always known the US was funding terror against the SAR.

One day prior to his Riyadh meeting, Pompeo met with various officials in Erdoganstan (previously, Turkey), a tenuous NATO country, despite not being geographically located in the north Atlantic.  As the new DCI foolishly did not bring to Ankara, any medal dripping with the blood of tens of thousands of martyrs, it remains to be seen whether rabid dog Erdogan will pull another Rumpelstiltskin-like murderous fit.


As punishment for Russia’s inability to consummate its 10.25% discount of oil to Turkey, Erdogan committed the double war crime of shooting down the RuAF jet, in Syrian airspace, 24 November 2015.  Subsequent to the dangerous rapprochement between Moscow and Ankara, Erdogan showed his flexed biceps when special forces police member Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş assassinated Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov, while acting as a member of his security detail, at an Ankara art gallery.

The majority of the 350,000 foreign terrorists – including American foreign terrorists such as Senator McCain, the triple-header orangettes, Eric Harroun, Matthew VanDyk, CNN reporters – who have invaded Syria, have come through the 915km/568.5mi border Syria shares with Erdoganstan.  In lieu of a protective border wall, Erdoganstan has almost 200,000 land mines which it had promised to clear, upon signing the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003.  Throughout the six years of invasions, not a single foreign terrorist has lost neither life, nor limb; each one has miraculously avoided the almost 200,000 live mines.

American Foreign Terrorist and illegal alien McCain meets with kidnappers and other terrorists. To his right is FSA/JaN terrorist Idriss

Erdoganstan’s genocidal atrocities against Syria are also in a near tie with those of Saudistan.  Ankara hosts the many non-Syrian ‘Syrian rebel’ gangs, various ones in expensive suits who became bored with life in Doha villas, the US-funded contras, founded by a Brit intelligence operative, terrorist White Helmets.  Even the face of the little Syrian girl who called for WWIII against Syria, has been seen from Erdoganstan, since September (‘’Bana’’’s terrorist father joined the family, in December).

‘Bana’s terrorist daddy, locked and loaded

On 27 January new Trump voiced his support of Erdoganstan’s occupation of Jarabulus, because every sane world leader would be on board with foreign occupation of portions of his/her own country.  Surely no patriotic American would take umbrage with Canada invading the US, occupying New York, taking 400 unemployed NYers to Canada to be trained as a ‘police force,’ and then returning them to NY for a graduation ceremony during which 400 NYers would chant allegiance to Canada, and to Justin Trudeau.

Likewise, no American patriot would have a problem with a foreign country invading, and training a mercenary militia, to fight against the US government, nor with the naming of the foreign terrorist militia “American Democratic Forces.”

Such additional military infringement of Syria’s national sovereignty (additions to funding and arming fake rebels, and war criminal bombings, that is) was begun under old POTUS and continues under new POTUS.

The US organized foreign terrorist militia is being utopianly prepped to usurp and replace the sole military of the Syrian Arab Republic, the heroic Syrian Arab Army.

The militia has been given the orwellian name of “Syrian Democratic Forces.”  This mercenary gang of thugs has been given legitimacy by war-pimping, Syria-hating msm, and shamelessly by various allies.  The asinine claim that these thugs are Kurdish-led Syrian rebels is being swallowed, whole, by cretins, by the willingly ignorant, and by those self-flattering as chess masters.  The flag of the thug-merc-usurper wannabes is written in the Turkic language of Azerbaijan, which is alternately called Azerbaijani, Azerbaijani Turkish, Azeri, Azeri-Turkish.

Ergo, it can neither be Syrian – Syria’s language is Arabic – nor Kurdish, because it is Azerbaijani.  

One does not need to own the skills of a neurosurgeon to figure this out.

This, and ONLY this, is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic

The thug flag of the unSyrian Hezen Suriya Demokratik, along with various other terrorist thug flags, is shown, here. The generic flag of the shape-shifting non-existent ‘Kurdistan’ is here, at a rally in Tel Aviv.

New POTUS has picked up where old POTUS left off.  It is urgent that Donald J. Trump immediately reverse this wretched path, and return to the promises of entente, offered in his unprecedented acceptance speech, because one can not drain the swamp, if one is of the swamp.  Syria has not survived 6 years of the most heinous international conspiracy in the history of humanity, to suddenly permit the old agenda of war masters to succeed.

What is hateful to you, do not do to others.

Addendum: In September, soon after his return from the Non-Aligned Conference in Margarita, His Excellency al Ja’afari gave this short interview to Caleb Maupin.  The ambassador’s words are as important, and as urgent, today, as they were when he spoke them.

On 18 September, the US-led coalition again came to the aid of “ISIS,” when it bombed a Syrian military position in al Tharda, near Deir Ezzor airport.  Eighty-three Syrian Arab Army soldiers were martyred in this 55 minute ‘accidental’ bombing.  These soldiers were defending their country and their people, against NATO and Gulfies underling sponsored terrorists.

— Miri Wood

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  1. Simon Gunson

    I read somewhere that the CIA discovered an Al Qaeda bomb maker in Afghanistan and brought him to Iraq to teach others in the Fedayeen how to make suicide vests. The suicide bomber was invented by westerners to fight Mqtada al Sadr supporters.

    • jo garce

      trump is having a lot of trouble from terrosit obama adminstration, hope he can drain the swamp. he has a lot of resistance from the neocons


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