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Top Syrian and Russian Army Commanders in Syria attend SAA Special Forces Drill

The Syrian Minister of Defense Ali Mahmoud Abbas and the commander of the Russian forces in Syria along with top commanders of both the Syrian and Russian armies attended a live drill carried out by a Syrian army special forces unit.

Syrian Army’s 25th Division Special Forces carried out a drill with live ammunition at its undisclosed training site, the drill included all specialists conducted by this unit.

The video is available on YouTube, BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee.

Still pictures of the military drill:

The visiting top army officials were briefed about the drill and then attended various shooting sessions, combat sessions in mountains and cities, close combat, paratroopers airdrop landing behind presumed enemy lines, and carrying out specific high precision tasks, and an air raid by helicopters against the presumed enemy.

Military vehicles used by the special forces unit were also paraded before the visiting military commanders.

Part of the training of this Syrian Army special forces unit was conducted by Russian special forces officers in close coordination with Syrian Army officers including the highly decorated SAA field commander Brigadier General Suhail Hasan nicknamed Al-Nimr ‘the Tiger’, a recipient of a top Russian Army medal of honor for his outstanding bravery and military achievements combating terrorism in multiple battlefronts in Syria.

The Minister of Defense and his accompanying top commanders praised the efforts made by the fighters and the professionalism and skills and readiness they showed.

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