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War Criminal Tony Blair called on London and Washington to go to war in Syria.

The former British Prime Minister, a known war criminal and liar, made some new statements in terms of Syria and called on the governments in Britain and the United States to go to war in Syria in order to save the Syrian population. However, one might ask whether the Iraqis would sign such a statement by Tony Blair.

The former Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, stated a very reasonable reason why he called on Washington and London to go to war in Syria – Blair said that Britain and the United States shall launch the war against Syria to end what he claimed to be the attacks on the Syrian civilians that were “not seen since the dark days of Saddam (Hussein).”

Tony Blair made these dangerous and hypocritical remarks in an article by him for “The Times”. The article by the warmonger Tony Blair was published today by “The Times”. As usual, such politicians as Tony Blair never learn something from their mistakes. It does not matter whether thousands of people have died due to their mistakes or not.

Further, it remains to be seen whether the British population has learned something of the war against Iraq, the situations in Afghanistan, Libya and other states, which have been liberated by Western bombs.

Tony Blair wrote a very smart article, to be honest. The rhetoric, used by the former British Prime Minister, is truly not bad and will probably convince some readers that a war against Syria is the best and only option for the West to end the “bloodshed” and the alleged attacks of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against the civilians.

However, there are always two sides of the same coin. According to the war criminal Tony Blair, the future consequence of inaction in terms of Syria would be horrible and the Western policy would be at a crossroad – to just make comments on the Syrian conflict or to take action.

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister, who has dragged Britain into the war against Iraq, based on fabricated claims, propaganda, and lies, sees no other option than to start another war, this time, against Syria. Perhaps there are also “ready-to-launch weapons of mass destruction” in Syria. Tony will tell us.

Akela Husseinowitsch Obama
Akela Husseinowitsch Obama

Tony Blair has even the boldness to speak about the “long and painful campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan” within his article for “The Times” when he seems to try everything to incite another war against a country in the Middle East. Tony Blair appeals on the readers of his articles that one must act because the results of inaction are worse than a military intervention in Syria.

For example, the war criminal Tony Blair wrote the following phrase in his new article on Syria and in his call on Washington and the current British administration to launch the war against the Arab nation:

“I understand every impulse to stay clear of the turmoil …. But we have collectively to understand the consequences of wringing our hands instead of putting them to work.”

I am stunned by this audacity and the new lies of Tony Blair in order to instigate another war. One can only hope that the British population is smarter this time and does not believe such statements of a war criminal as Tony Blair.

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