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Tom Cotton: Supporter of Armed Terror Abroad, Wants Military against American Protesters

US Senator Tom Cotton and US President Donald Trump - Racist Face of the USA

Tom Cotton has been a long time supporter of armed terror in countries he wishes to endure NATO regime changes. In the USA, however, whose Constitution the Arkansas senator has sworn to uphold, he wants to deploy US troops to crush Americans engaged in their 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly, Americans who have poured into the streets to condemn the brutal murder of George Floyd by police, 25 May.

Cotton is ”trending” for his Opinion Piece published by the New York Times: Send in the Troops, pasted from his website funded — of course — by US taxpayers.

There was barely a burp of disapproval when the NYT gave him their audience to cheer his approval when Trump assassinated ICRG Commander Qasem Soleimani in Iraq (similarly, there were no complaints against Facebook mass obliteration of accounts for condemning the assassination).

NYT gave Cotton its massive audience to cheer Trump’s criminal assassination of General Soleimani.

Cotton also supported Trump’s war criminal bombing of Syria in April 2017, based on the interview by fake news CNN of the British illegal in Idlib, embedded with al Qaeda.

Tom Cotton

Cotton’s colonial aggression against other countries is also notable in his support — shared by fake Trump hater, Nancy Pelosi — for Trump’s ‘appointee’ fake head of state, traitor Guaido. Guaido received a disgraceful bipartisan standing ovation during the State of the Union Address (again, courtesy of the American tax dollar), and more recently failed in his dealing with a US mercenary gang who attempted a coup against Venezuela, because Trump wants to steal that country’s crude oil, also.

The Arkansas senator claims he wants the American military deployed against the American people because members of local law enforcement have been injured in some of the demonstrations that have become violent.

Tom Cotton is a long time supporter of the NED-sponsored “pro-democracy” “demonstrators” in Hong Kong. Somehow, he has remained unaware that his little friend, Joshua Wong — who has full access to our Capitol Hill politicians, unlike us American serfs who pay the bills — has refused to condemn the degenerate violence perpetrated by the sociopaths yearning to breathe free.

Chines man torched by Hong Kong ”freedom activists.”

Somehow, Tom Cotton, allegedly concerned that police officers in the US have been injured, remains unaware that the “umbrella movement” gang in Hong Kong torch police officers there, blow up their vehicles, stab them, and brutalize them.

In his zeal for American troops to illegally occupy the US, as they have illegally occupied Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, under a concern for local law enforcement throughout our country, Tom Cotton has voiced no concern over the possibility of undercover police engaged in violent incitement, nor of the non-local white folk driving into in black neighborhoods for the purpose of dropping off bricks in areas where there is no construction going on.

White man shown wearing a military-grade gas mask, lunged at the person holding the camera who asked, ‘you a f***ng cop?’

Does Tom Cotton really wish to protect law enforcement from angry people sick of cops getting away with murder and brutality?

Or, is Tom Cotton looking for an excuse to impose a fascist, military state on the US?

Miri Wood


Tom Cotton also ignored this writer’s request to investigate an Arkansas-based “charity” whose 501(c) tax deductions are via the State Department affiliated Syrian Emergency Task Force. The ‘SETF’ coordinated “The Wisdom House” in Idlib has a heinous Epstein-like stench about it, with men hiding under niqab painting little girls to look like they are being marketed to child porn perverts on the darknet.

The State Department supported and taxpayer funded SETF even has “fellowships.” One of them writes for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, which describes the ‘task force’ as the parent organization for the Arkansas based Wisdom House Project, that went public with its very Epstein-like marketing in late November 2019.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the Arkansas Democrat Gazette also has no interest in investigating this ‘charity.’

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