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Thousands Escape Terrorists and Join the Syrian Arab Army

image-Thousands join SAA Ranks in al-Keswa-Damascus Countryside

More than 4,000 young men from al-Keswa city and its surrounding in Damascus Countryside have completed their applications to join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army.

Al-Keswa is about 13 kilometers to the south of Damascus on the Damascus – Daraa – Jordan Highway and was a hotbed for terrorists who managed to storm the area about 4 years ago. It’s is strategically located on the main highway between all northern Syrian cities including the capital Damascus and the economic capital of Syria Aleppo, and the only land transit route towards Jordan in the south and through it to the who Arabian peninsula and north African Arab states.

The town is also the base of the Syrian Arab Army’s 1st Division, which was the target of a recent Israeli bombing hit-and-run style. It was cleaned from terrorists last year 2016 and a major reconciliation process started there.

Now thousands of young men, some who stood with the terrorists, others didn’t join any terrorist group but also didn’t join the SAA or any Syrian security forces in battling the terrorists out of fears for their families from retaliation from terrorists, these young men have settled their legal statuses and attended a seminar to express their desire in joining the ranks of the SAA.

image-Thousands join SAA Ranks in al-Keswa, Damascus Countryside
Thousands join SAA Ranks in al-Keswa, Damascus Countryside

More cities and towns are joining the local reconciliation initiatives in order to restore their previous lives stolen from them by herds of foreign-sponsored terrorist groups and are now on the right track in fighting terror after witnessing firsthand the horrific crimes committed by these terrorists against whoever is not like them.

A major boost to the Syrian state and the Syrian Armed Forces with first thousands of more recruits and also reconciliations in areas no more posing a threat to the stability and security of the country. Now the state can focus more attention on areas under hardline terrorist groups like Saudi-sponsored Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant), remnants of ISIS and other western-sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels’ (read: Radical Terrorists).

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