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The Syrian Army Restores Daraa Balad, 209 Terrorists Surrendered, But!

Syrian Arab Army restores Daraa Balad, Syrian flag raised inside the district

Daraa Balad, the last den of NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in southwestern Syria is under the control of the Syrian state, this is where the USA started its anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood-led so-called ‘Arab Spring’, and this is the sign of its final days.

After endless obstacles put by the terrorists holed in the dense neighborhoods of Daraa Balad in the southern part of the city of Daraa, and after many breaches of ceasefires, indiscriminate shelling of civilians in their homes in other neighborhoods and in other towns, and after series of assassinations of notables, Syrian Army personnel, state officials, and even the assassination of former terrorists who gave up their criminal lives and returned to humanity, the Syrian Arab Army enters Daraa Balad along with officers of the Russian Reconciliation Center who oversaw the negotiations with the sponsors of these terrorists.

The latest deal to avoid a military operation that would include raiding of the southern Daraa Balad district includes the return of the state’s facilities, the surrender of the terrorists who will hand over their weapons, and benefit from an amnesty to allow them to return to their normal lives, and the establishment of law enforcement checkpoints supported with Syrian Army units to establish the security and continue disarming NATO’s ISIS and Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant) terrorists.

Daraa Balad - weapons confiscated from ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists
Image believed to be of some of the light weapons collected from the terrorists in Daraa Balad
A number of posts opened to register the former terrorists who joined the reconciliation process and to collect their weapons in Daraa Balad.

We would usually break such news of liberating districts and towns as ‘Breaking: Daraa Balad is Cleaned from Terrorists;’ it’s not clear yet how many terrorists refused to join the reconciliation process and their whereabouts, have they been expelled from the city, the province as a whole, or they fled to the desert to seek protection from the US forces illegally occupying Al Tanf area? Out of the 100 terrorists the Syrian law enforcement agencies want to be expelled from Daraa Balad, only 53 were expelled in two batches and headed to Turkey in the north.

Until then, we can confirm that there will be no more shelling of other districts with mortars and that thousands of Syrians can return to their homes after 10 years of fleeing from it when the terrorists infested Daraa. Up to 50,000 Syrians are waiting for the signal from the Syrian Army’s Engineering Corps who will comb the area for explosives to return to their homes and inspect the damages.

This is a major step toward ending the US-led war of terror and war of attrition on Syria that lasted more than 10 years, Daraa province in southern Syria is of military strategic importance bordering the Syrian occupied Golan, Israel lost its buffer zone the ISIS cannon fodder terrorists were providing it, Daraa province also is Syria’s second food basket after the northeastern Jazira provinces: Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Hasakah, and through Daraa province, Syria’s exports go to Jordan and from it to the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, Turkey benefited from Daraa when its anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood leaders were acting like normal human beings.

Keep in mind that a single wounded college student terrorist believed to be carrying a single gun terrorized the city of Boston for a full day after blowing up a cooking pot in runners of a marathon and that hundreds of policemen, other law enforcement agencies, and unknown US agencies contributed in his manhunt until they arrested him, imagine if he was highly trained on combats, imagine if he was given advanced machine guns, RPGs, Artillery, and other weapons and munition by another country along with large sums of cash, and imagine he was not a single individual rather thousands of them, would your government sit idle and respect his freedom of speech and freedom of assassinating civilians, state officials, army personnel, and blowing vehicles?

Closing this chapter will divert the Syrian Arab Army toward Al Qaeda’s last stronghold in Idlib in the northwest and Biden forces illegally occupying Syria’s main oil and gas fields in the northeast, signs of them packing are already mentioned in the news.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Mabrook, hopefully all of Syria will be cleaned from NATO terrorists and their sponsors soon, it’s already longer than both world wars combined..

  2. wpslol

    with the reconquest of 100% of the city of Daara (where it all began) we can officially sanction the end of this war or almost, now that the terrorists have also lost Daara they are increasingly isolated in that part of southern Syria where in the desert of Al-Tanf will soon no longer have support points, Israel will be able to do very little and even the capital Damascus will be officially safe (despite the rare Israeli bombings which in any case do not reach the capital but the surroundings and are a nuisance), I believe that now SAA he should think of Idlib or Raqqa (which he does not yet control).

  3. dog69fastmailjp

    Really makes one wonder about us people as a species; maybe we’re a genetic mistake? Another branch of yet a still evolving bipedal primate? This one like so many others before it; doomed to extinction? Probably so; what’s normal? Killing and death, apparently.


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