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The Guardian: Launching a ‘Save Idlib Terrorists’ Campaign?


The Guardian‘s sudden re-pimping of the CIA and FCO funded death squads in Syria suggests the launching of a Save Idlib Terrorists campaign.  Though the Syrian Arab Republic has not officially announced its military offensive to liberate Idlib from foreign terrorist occupation, the operation is increasingly becoming common knowledge — and with derivative hints being provided by SANA  That The Guardian postponed a “story” scheduled for publication in early October — by more than two months — creates an impressive hunch that the western world is about to be deluged with a repeat of last year’s NATO msm hysteria to Save Aleppo Terrorists.  

The Guardian’s 18 December 2017 Newspeak headline transforms death squads into victims & simultaneously pimps the neo-McCarthy witch hunts.

Among the five w’s of journalism, the when — timing — is most useful for geopolitical brainwashing.  Though The Guardian offered no explanation for the extensive postponement, it incidentally followed the failure of the [deep state] Reporters Without Borders attempt to censor a Geneva press panel discussion on the truth about the White Helmets, and Vanessa Beeley’s early December report questioning UK taxes funding terrorism in Syria.

In email requesting an interrogation of independent journalist Eva Bartlett, The Guardian notes its “story” to be published 9 October.

The not infrequent sense of déjà vu in war pimping news is the result of subtle brainwashing via msm employment of the rhyming scene of cinema.  During last December’s frenzy to Save Aleppo Terrorists, independent journalist Barbara McKenzie wrote about Boris Johnson’s announcement in Turkey of more than two billion in “aid to Syria.”

Boris Johnson groping a Helmets’ helmet during Sept. 2016 meeting in not Syria Turkey.

The Guardian has outdone itself in inversion of reality in this new ”story.”  While targeting Vanessa Beeley (who did the ground-breaking investigative work on the Istanbul established “Syrian” White Helmets), Professor Tim Anderson, and Eva Bartlett (all of whom have been to Syria, and met hundreds of Syrian people), author Olivia Solon — “senior technology reporter” writing from San Francisco — is careful to protect her employer from defamation, by noting “There is no evidence to suggest that these activists and bloggers are knowingly spreading disinformation, although the stories are often thinly sourced [emphasis added].”  Such a claim is especially vile upon noting that Solon cites Elliot “BM” Higgins as expert source.

Elliot Higgins, aka “Brown Moses” [BM] was an unemployed Brit who euphemistically called himself a “stay at home dad.”  He played lots of video games, and eventually came up with fake evidence of Syria’s use of CWs against Syria, and was immediately declared expert by unfake msm, all of whom cited his fake work, and cited each other, citing his fake work.  The fraud of his euphemism is evident in his many complaints that though he was a “consultant” for HWR, and had a few other potential work projects, BM was jonesin’ for full time employment, as could practically be seen salivating through cyberspace when VanDyk offered to introduce him to an important guy at CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news.  VanDyk also noted that being an HRW consultant would open the door to numerous appearances on CNN — whose terrorist friends recently cheered alliances with child beheadersBM did his bit of bragging, suggesting that the UN might have a conference around one of his gamer “cluster bombs” videos.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, H.E. al Ja’afari shows Prof. Anderson’s “The Dirty War on Syria” for his colleagues.
Eva Bartlett interviewed Mohammad Daqneesh, whose viralized son, Omran was dropped like a hot potato when he could no longer be used for anti-Syria propaganda.

The Guardian weirdly inserts mention of “the alt-right site Infowars,” seemingly for the sole purpose of announcing that “the White Helmets have never received funding from George Soros or any of his foundations.”

This is perhaps the most stupid statement in the entire article. 

In June, Soros’ Open Foundations Society held a screening of the anti-Syria fraudumentary, “Cries from Syria,” including Q&A with Evgeny Afineevsky and Gregory Maniatis.  Afineevsky is a member of the JIM Directors League, receiving an award for “Cries,” despite his disclaimer: “The majority of the footage in this film was shot by Syrian activists and ordinary citizens.”

Maniatis is Director of the Open Society International Migration Initiative.
Such a shock to see the White Helmets featured prominently in the trailer of the fraudumentary shown by Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Soros funds Human Rights Watch, and HRW accepts verbal reports from the Helmets.  Soros funds Amnesty and Amnesty accepts verbal reports from the Helmets.

HRW — which received more than $100 million from Soros — used Nusra-White Helmets video to produce this anti-Syria fraud.

The Guardian “story” prominently features a photo of Raed al Saleh.  Saleh is hailed as the titular head of the White Helmets.  His media backstory is that he — an “electronics salesman” —  abruptly “fled” to Turkey one day, and then soon magically returned as first responder, albeit sans stethoscope, or knowledge of CPR or spinal precautions.

Littman makes the highest quality stethoscopes. Perhaps the CIA or SAMS can purchase a few to give a look of credibility to these death squads?

Though missing all essential first responder equipment, the White Helmets always have access to a good make-up artist, to enhance the bathos of their fraudulent work.  Hair styling is especially ridiculous in these photo ops.  Cute boys sport $200 cuts, girls’ hair is made Bride of Frankenstein nappy, while the terrorists themselves get slicked down, and painted with gray, somehow considered the hue of all dust particles.

Dramatic photography at its best. One partially painted gray. Hair totally neat.
No spinal precautions for this fake rescued girl, but matting her hair probably took at least one hour.

Check the staging of this photo, during the Save Aleppo Terrorists! operation:  We have two actors playing role of emergency health practitioners.  One is in street clothes, one in essential scrubs, wearing a dramatic — for tv — surgical mask.  Why would one need a mask, and the other not?  Note that neither has a stethoscopethe most urgent tool in health care.  Note how cute the boys look in their pretty matching hot pink scrubs, and how they symmetrically hold simple masks to their faces.  Note, also, that these masks are attached to tubing which is attached to nothing.  

Completely staged, fraudulent emergency care.

The Guardian deep state, war-pimping, NATO msm — shamelessly lies that “There have, however, been isolated rogue actors within the White Helmets who are used to discredit the entire group.”  This ignores the massive documentation provided by many sources, including those its author has singled out, to discredit. Clarity of Signal has done exhaustive photographic research, providing massive evidence that the Helmets are all “rogue” armed forces that commit the most hideous of atrocities.

White ‘rogue actors’ Helmets terrorists with murdered Syrian soldiers.

The White Helmets are nothing but terrorists, death squads funded by the US/UK/EU.  They have been called organ traders by Syrians liberated from them in eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

They are the savage minions of Iblis, who kidnapped 250 civilians from Majal and Khattab the week before 4 Apriland committed snuff murders — by poisoning — of many of them for the camera.

This picture/scene from the alleged chemical attack in Syria yesterday was clearly set up and deliberately and perversely modeled not only as a orgy, but also morbid, macabre pedophilia-cum-horror — by someone well versed in art and tradition of Western classical painting.  This photo has also been very popular with all the established fellow travelers and bedfellows of al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.  This is, indeed, true war porn. A psy-op served to the public in order to whitewash and promote al Qaeda or the genocidal war on Syria via al Qaeda proxy.

Criminal war porn, these children were murdered by poison.  Note the logo, upper left corner.

As with CNN“breaking news” of 4 April, The Guardian neglects to mention that the source of the Nusra-Helmets massacre in Khan Sheikhoun is a British illegal in the SAR, once indicted on terrorism charges, and who had his license permanently revoked by the medical board in his native country (creepy irony, is that he is the only person ever shown with a stethoscope).

Brit illegal was source of GB hoax. No matter his license was revoked in UK either, nor that he spent the day of fake bombings raising $$$ and giving interviews.
Shajul Islam’s medical license was revoked in his home country.
License? What license? Except to engage in deadly lies.

This terrorist British undoctor is raising money while illegally in Syria, via a British charity that is under investigation.

Britain enforces draconian sanctions against Syria, except for terrorist illegals.

The inquiry was opened after a follow-up visit to the charity in July 2016 and a subsequent review of the charity’s records which identified failure in the charity’s management and administration.  The Commission’s concerns are further heightened by the fact that it has already provided regulatory advice and guidance to the trustees of the charity on a number of issues relevant to the charity given its objects and areas of operation.  These included due diligence on partners, monitoring and verifying the end use of funds and trustee decision-making.

Incontestably, there is no place for a dollop of fact anywhere in this story.  Nonetheless, it does seem moronic to have written that these killers are “credited with saving thousands of civilians” — as it is the White Helmets themselves who have done the ‘crediting.’  Likewise, the fraudulent claim that they are “officially known as the Syria Civil Defense” comes from their NATO creators.

For the REAL Syria Civil Defence you call 113 inside Syria.  There is no public number for the White Helmets.  Why not?  Why does this multi-million dollar US & NATO state-funded first responder ‘NGO,’ with state of the art equipment supplied by the US and the EU via Turkey, have no central number for civilians to call when the “bombs fall”?  — Vanessa Beeley, “The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes Fake ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters.”

Nonetheless, it borders on astonishing that this ‘senior technology’ story-teller cannot squeeze in a blurb that Idlib is under the occupation of Jahbat al Nusra .

Instead, Solon brays that Nusra/Helmets “exposed, through first-hand video footage, war crimes including a chemical attack in April”  — without a single, anemic attempt to include a shred of evidence (of course, there is none, as there was no “chemical attack” in Khan Sheikhoun).  Also missing from the story is that in the first OPCW report on the chemical attack that did not happen, its writer freely admitted that no investigators entered Sheikhoun because of the hazards involved in  being among Nusra/Helmet terrorists (instead, OPCW accepted the verbal reports from these takfiri, and also accepted eye of newt evidence with no chain of forensics custody).

The original GB hoax was created in Jerusalem, April 2013.
State Dept and Saudi terrorist on Treasury’s SDN hit list, Muhaysini both cheer the Helmets as “heroes.”

The Guardian propaganda piece, by the way, fills the void of missing journalistic integrity with seizure-inducing graphics.


The significance of The Guardian piece does not lie in the deification of western death squads deployed against the Syrian Arab Republic; it does not lie in the daily dose of the neo-McCarthy witch hunts; it does not lie in the feeble attempt to censor independent investigative journalists.

It lies in its choice of timing, and it is a prelude to a colonialist Save Idlib Terrorists campaign, a campaign that has already begun to use the script provided against Aleppo, last year.

21 December, massive celebrations for the anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army having freed Aleppo from terrorist control.
Courtesy Professor Tim Anderson.


The Guardian neglect to notice yesterday’s anniversary celebrations in Aleppo can be compared to a small sampling of last year’s headlines.  Note The Guardian calling Nusra terrorists, “militants,” that “many have gone to Idlib,” and its cheering of de Mistura’s fake offer to give the takfiri safe passage by using his body as a human shield.

Sampling of The Guardian howling over the liberation of Aleppo.

If you decide to leave in dignity with your weapons, to Idlib [which became a state of terrorists by the full will of the west] or anywhere you wanted to go, I personally am ready, physically, to accompany you.  I can’t guarantee more than my own personality and body. — terrorist sympathizer de Mistura, to killers of Syrians in October 2016.  Viejito de Mistura was a no-show.

Scant days after The Guardian war pimping, Rami Abdulrahman was dragged from his moth balls in the UK, to proclaim that Syria or Russia had bombed 19 civilians in Ma’ar Shureen, Idlib.  Abdulraham is the Chalabi of England; having left Syria in 2000 to escape a 4th conviction for felonious crime, UK intelligence services made him the Mr. Know-it-All for NATO aligned media.

The Guardian’s “Save Idlib Terrorists” campaign begins.

SyriaNews reminds our readers that The Guardian was mute when dozens of  Syrian Arab Army soldiers were executed by NATO armed and paid terrorists, in December 2013.

These garrison of SAA soldiers refused to leave al-Kindi Hospital to oversee the evacuation of sick civilians and the crew of the hospital who were trapped by a large group of Western sponsored terrorists, sorry ‘peaceful protesters’, who bombarded the hospital day and night then blew up 2 huge booby-trapped trucks…

The Guardian was stricken dumb. Imagine if these were Brit soldiers slaughtered in  the UK by foreign armed terrorists.

In 2012, when foreign-owned terrorists kidnapped and executed conscripted Syrian Arab Army soldiers — defending their country, their people, within their internationally recognized borders — the whorish Brit medium ran a disgusting report referring to the Syrian martyrs as “Assad troops,” and focusing on the complaints of the various terrorist gangs, various mass-murdering thugs bellyache-ing over who was getting more western arms, used to commit more slaughter.

The Guardian ignored the slaughter of SAA troops, fretted about inequality in arming mass killers.

Colonialist The Guardian remained silent, also, when 7 Syrian Arab Army soldiers were slaughtered in Idlib, April 2012 (one of their murderers was Italian national, Haisam Saqar); in December 2014, the imperialist, scum medium cheered the terrorists abduction of a Syrian military base, check points, and slaughter, while clucking over rest periods of Nusra Front, and other savages.

Again, The Guardian cheers the terrorists funded by UK and NATO underlings.

The Guardian also chose not to report on the joint terrorist massacres by ISIS and Nusra, in Idlib, October 2014 — though other UK media gleefully noted that upwards of 7o Syrians were blown up or beheaded (these sources used Newspeak to describe butchered government workers and local security as “Syrian army chiefs”).

NYT suggested ‘rebels’ stop showing the world their atrocities, while The Guardian appeared not to have noticed this one. Far left, Italian national Saqar, about to murder kidnapped Syrian soldiers in Idlib, 2012.

Generally, when NATO msm sing the glory of the stethoscope-less, CPR-less, spinal precautions-less White Helmets, they include a short disclaimer, that this gang functions in terrorist controlled regions of the SAR.  Of course, they use the euphemism, rebels, as according to the west, terrorism only occurs against them; in the countries they actually arm and fund, those who murder school children, slaughter soldiers, destroy hospitals, engage in post slaughter cannibalism, decapitate and grill the heads of slaughtered soldiers, are magnificent freedom fighters.  

How The Guardian excused the horrific cannibalism, May 2013

We ask our readers to scroll back to the obscene painting of the semi-naked corpses of murdered Syrian children, whose bodies were tossed onto a flat bed truck, before being properly rearranged, with eye-catching fabrics placed here and there.

Note the logo in the upper left:  EMC, for Edlib Media Center (“Edlib” is another transliteration of “Idlib”).  The takfiri who got on the  Aleppo bus to Idlib, taking their dignity and their weapons also took their expensive Aleppo Media Center, and simply changed the name of its location.  As deep state msm can expected to soon begin citing the EMC  on as regular a basis as was the AMC, this author recommends the reading of Beeley’s “Aleppo Media Center Funded by French Foreign Office, EU & US.”

EU, US taxes used send weapons to terrorists in Syria, and to fund the media propaganda then cited by deep state NATO msm. The circle & cycle of deadly geopolitics.

NATO crimes against peace msm perpetuate the myth that al Raqqa was the ‘capitol of ISIS.’  NATO war criminal world leaders cheer themselves for obliteration of this city (for balkanization purposes) of 800,000 civilians held hostage by 3,000 western-owned terrorists.  In October, The Guardian transformed this criminal destruction into a call for perpetual war.

Fraud historians call the ’30 Years War’ religious, though never explaining how Catholic France aligned with Protestant Germany against Catholic Spain.
al Raqqa: What NATO perverts, including The Guardian, call “liberation.”

Despite the fraudulent history in the making, it was Idlib, not al Raqqa, which first enjoyed the hideous gift of foreign, human garbage in colonizing aggression.

On 4 June 2011 (two thousand, eleven), 120 Syrian security forces and soldiers were massacred in Jisr Shoghur, Idlib.

This is Georgian/Kist-Chechen terrorist Murad Margoshvili, a “Syrian rebel” who spends much time in Idlib (The Guardian search engine opens to ‘Syrian rebel’ ‘Omar the Chechen,’ when Margoshvili’s name is entered).

Though on the US SDN list, Margoshvili is free to roam the SAR, free to slaughter Syrians.
The Guardian has never  “uncovered how” human garbage manages to travel so far to become ‘Syrian rebels.’

In 2013, grizzly beheadings of Syrians were committed by foreign invaders, in Idlib:

One of two Chechens who did the beheadings. Their knowledge of Arabic was limited.
Chinese member of the “Syrian rebels.”
Non-Syrian “Syrian rebel” of unknown nationality.
Another non-Syrian “Syrian rebel” of unknown homeland.

On 22 May 2015, the Syrian Arab Army the Syrian Arab Army freed soldiers, and some patients and physicians, who had been trapped in the portion of the Jisr Shoghur National Hospital, under bombardment by the unified takfiri thugs, for one month.

Foreign terrorists with NATO weapons bombed Jisr Shoghur National Hospital, Idlib

Tens of meters of Syrian martyr photographs, never to be shown in The Guardian. From Homs, 2014, courtesy of dampress . net, under NATO & Gulfie Arab sanctions.

Despite remnants of ongoing terrorist atrocities in the Syrian Arab Republic, Deir Ezzor has been liberated, Aleppo has been liberated, al Raqqa obliterated by the US-led coalition of war criminals.

Idlib remains the final bastion of NATO armed and funded terrorists.

The Guardian, in its rancid story, remains committed to support of NATO savages in Syria.

Miri Wood

PS In October 2014, Ambassador al Ja’afari emphatically stated that without the facilitation of movement of foreign garbage into his country, without the NATO and Gulfie arming of these killers, the Syrian Arab Army could destroy ISIS in “three days”:

NB:  Though the featured photo of this report is unrelated to The Guardian propaganda piece, it was chosen to demonstrate the levels of depravity used in media glorification of these death squads.

The stethoscope issue seems to have become a topic of dishonor.  Instead of handing out a few, the fraud responders have been given some snorkeling equipment and a few SCUBA tanks.  In a very suspicious video, they show a recovery of a newly-drowned, fully clothed boy, approximately 0.25 mi/0.04km from land.  No explanation was given as to how the boy came to drown so far from land, nor how they were able to locate his body, before decomposition caused it to float.

Was this another, atrocious, snuff video?

Related readings on Idlib, that will never be seen in The Guardian:

Moderate Rebels Kill 3 Judges in Idlib.

NATO Sends New Grads to Foreign Terrorists in Idlib.

Turkey Betrays Again:  FSA Burns Buses Enroute to Kafraya, Idlib.

Wadi Barada Nusra Terrorists Take the Idlib Ticket.

Syrians slaughtered in Idlib countryside, their homes and land colonized by Chinese Uighur & Turkemen (includes video).

Hostage/terrorist exchange ended in massacre of Syrians in al Rashidin.

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