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The Global Campaign to End the Siege on Syria – You’re Invited

Global End the Siege on Syria Campaign

A group of young Jordanians has announced the launching of a global campaign to end the siege imposed on the Syrian people by the US-led ‘collective West’ with rallies in major cities around the world.

The campaign will witness the first set of rallies on Saturday, the 4th of March 2023 in the UK, Germany, Canada, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, and Palestine, all human beings are invited to stand in solidarity with the Syrian people.

During the past 12 years, the Syrian people have been suffering from the US-led war of terror and war of attrition topped up with the most brutal inhumane blockade and illegal coercive measures dubbed wrongly as sanctions with the so-called Caesar Act by the US Congress designed to deprive the Syrian people of the basics of life, and all of that in addition to the US forces illegally deployed in Syria and actively stealing Syrian oil and the food from the Syrian children.

Every Western country is an accomplice in this slow genocide and war crimes against the people by participating militarily with its own troops, facilitating the movement of other countries and terrorist groups harming the Syrian people, financing the terrorism against Syria by sponsoring the imaginary ‘Syrian Opposition’ which is nothing other than ISIS and Al Qaeda in human-like cloth, and contribute to the siege on the Syrian people.

The End the Siege on Syria campaign will include rallies and vigils calling on the government around the globe to lift their unjust siege on Syria or call on the ones imposing sanctions to lift them when they come to lecture your governments about human rights.

All sanctions imposed on Syria must be lifted, especially the unjust Caesar Act regime of sanctions, and send humanitarian aid to the Syrian people who are still removing their dead from under the rubble caused by the devastating earthquake of the 6th of this month.

Send humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, do not send human garbage terrorists to kill innocent people and destroy their country, the people that gifted humanity the first alphabet, its first domesticized settlements, its wealth of civilization, and the center from which the three divine religions spread to the whole world.

The Syrian people have not harmed you in any way, help remove the harm imposed by your ‘elected’ officials on them.

Attend the campaign in your city or share the message, the least you can do to restore faith in humanity.

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  1. a.hall

    After the Gouta False Flag Chemical Attack, Obama was going to Invade Syria and smash it into another Iraq. Putin stepped in and stopped the Great American Empire in its Tracks. Now Putin is US "Enemy Number 1". At the same time America is Stealing Oil from Syria and helping Saudi Arabias Blockade of the Yemen. Syria Must be Totally Destroyed , same as Iraq and Libya. It must be Blasted back into “The Stone Age”.

    • Roy

      Christopher Columbus, not his real name, was one such individual, he bragged that he had personally killed a quarter million. people as their hands were tied behind their backs; it’s hard to think of sych people as little biys and gurls with tortured minds, but my sister is one of them and just like the Judiac hero who murdered so many defenseless people he eventually went stark raving mad; thank god they have trwatments now that can turn such people into total psychopaths with no conciousness at all; nothing more than robotic killers; I don’t think that they even possess the ability to recognize the end. I would think that eternal death would be too good for them; maybe after a thousand galaxies have come and gone, they might have a change of heart; like the bombs that they dropped on Japan just for laughs that turned people into nothing more than shadows cast on a wall as they detonated so too they are to me now, for they had wirked so hard to impress that image of themselves upon us all, let that be their legacy.


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