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The Elimination of the Most Dangerous Terrorist in Southern Syria

Terrorists of the US-sponsored Liwaa Party in Southern Syria إرهابيو حزب اللواء المدعوم أمريكياً في الجنوب السوري

The head of one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in southern Syria has been eliminated by a special unit of the Syrian Military Security and allied forces on the morning of Thursday 9 June 2022.

Some of the US-sponsored terrorist sources claimed the body of the so-called Samir Hakim was first taken to a local hospital and then appeared at the main roundabout of the provincial city of Sweida, in southern Syria, other sources from the same side claimed the terrorist killed himself when his entire group fell between terminated and captured by the attacking force.

Samir Hakim was the leader of a terrorist group that calls itself ‘Liwaa Party’, a brutal radical notorious group of dozens of terrorists operating directly under the command of a joint black-op room of officers from Israel, Jordan, the CIA, and the British MI6, the latter two operating out of the Syrian Al Tanf area where Biden forces maintain an illegal military presence in the depth of the southeastern Syrian desert at the borders with Iraq and Jordan.

Unofficial local sources reported that at least 20 members of the terrorist group were eliminated in the early morning raid by the Syrian military security unit, and 40 others were captured and taken to Damascus for investigation, this information requires confirmation from an official source.

A wave of unprecedented terrorist attacks has swept the southern Syrian provinces of Daraa and Sweida and also the southern Damascus countryside, leading to a series of explosions and assassinations that left dozens of civilians, public workers, notables, and army officers killed or maimed.

The so-called ‘Liwaa Party’ was working hand-in-hand with an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group which was augmented with ISIS terrorists freed by the CIA from prisons managed by the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in northeastern Syria.

A day later at dawn and almost at the same time as eliminating this notorious criminal terrorist by the Syrian military security forces, Israel committed a war crime by bombing Syria’s main commercial airport, the Damascus International Airport which forced the Syrian Civil Aviation to divert flights to Aleppo’s airport after the Damascus airport went out of service. Whether this is Israel’s avenging the killing of its terrorist in Syria, this will be known as soon as Israel is dismantled and its spying records are accessed.

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