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Terrorists Massive Network of Tunnels in Douma

image-Cars Tunnels Network Used by Terrorists in Douma - East Ghouta

A Note to US Citizens in Particular: What you are going to watch is done with full support of your government, mostly by your tax money, the Trump regime is now pushing the Saudis to pay back for.

It was done to be used by terrorists who smuggled massive quantities of weapons, munition, food, medicines, drugs, human organs… in it.

It was also used by terrorists to hide and move when they shelled the Syrian capital Damascus with mortars and missiles killing thousands of civilians, MAINLY CHRISTIANS, as their nearest residential district is the mainly Christian district with most churches in Damascus, are located.


(Video also available on BitChute:

While a number of main cities in the USA itself, many neighborhoods and a lot of roads lack the basics of infrastructure, and we’ll not touch upon the 15% (50 million USAians) under poverty line, due to lack of resources in the US, and while US citizens are forced to pay interest on the massive $21plus trillions borrowed – 7 trillions of it spent in the Middle East alone to further wars and chaos – we see their ‘elected politicians’ invest more on terrorist groups just to protect Israel with ZERO interest for the US in our region. On the contrary, it only creates further enmity for you and your children among the people you kill worldwide with your money.

The terrorist group that counted in tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide bombers with such capabilities and with NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and over 80 countries full support against the Syrian people, can’t these groups fabricate and stage a chemical attack to serve as a false-flag and allow these NATO criminal and evil rogue states to attack Syria, especially they have the fake civil defense known as the White Helmets? Who has more motive to commit a chemical attack: an army that is mainly of conscripts from all over the country, or terrorists serving a foreign agenda?

image-White Helmets and the UN - OPCW
White Helmets and the UN – OPCW

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  1. miri

    FYI: US no longer has a ‘citizenry,’ merely a stupefied population. “Citizenry” suggests willful participation in the politics of preserving & enhancing the republic…which was lost when criminal Truman invited criminal Churchill to launch perpetual war from US soil, in his hideous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech in Fulton, Missouri.


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