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Daraa: Terrorists Blow Up Farmworkers Vehicle: Eight Murdered, 30 Injured

Landmine explosion kills 8 Syrian farmers and injures 30 in Daraa countryside - مقتل 8 مزارعين وجرح 30 آخرين في انفجار لغم أرضي في ريف درعا الشمالي

Terrorists in Syria, supported by NATO have provided another atrocity against the Syrian people. On 11 June a vehicle carrying farmworkers was blown up when it crossed over another landmine. Eight people were slaughtered. Thirty others were wounded and transported to the nearby al-Sanamayn Hospital and to Al Mujtahid Hospital in Damascus.

The farmworkers were headed to “harvest wheat crop in Deir al-Adas town in Daraa countryside,” 40 km / 25 mi northwest of Daraa city.

It is not enough that the Trump regime bombed Syrian wheat fields, for terrorists to torch Syrian wheat fields, that the Biden regime steals Syria’s grain reserves in the new Sykes-Picot plot to balkanize the Levantine Republic and to ethnically cleanse it of its indigenous citizens, now it has become essential for terrorists to slaughter the harvesters of essential Syrian food products.

NATO-affiliated media have not condescended to report on the latest atrocity of deadly armed insurrections in Syria. They continue to demonstrate their vile supremacy in non-stop reporting of the riotous January 6th demonstrations.

It is most noteworthy that the same NATO media affiliates that continue to cheer lame-duck Congressman Adam Kinzinger as a Republican voice of reason in the hearings have continued to ignore his non-stop support of armed insurrectionist terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic — from his Save Daraa Terrorists caucus to his taxpayer-funded meetings in Turkey with ISIS brothers, to his loud support of SDF armed insurrectionists.

The massacres of Syrian citizens via landmines have become so normalized that they do not even warrant a phony tear from the UN’s useless Mine Action Service (UNMAS) anymore, either; these war crimes have been made as inconsequential to the bastion of peace and security as have Israel’s ongoing war crimes, including its recent bombing of the Damascus International Airport.

There has also been no public movement in Syria to acquire the Giant African Pouched Rats, which can be trained to safely sniff out landmines and other explosives.

Miri Wood

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