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Terrorists Blow Up Drainage Gate of Tasil Dam in Daraa Countryside

10 April 2017

Daraa, SANA – Terrorist organizations on Monday blew up the drainage gate of Tasil dam in the northwestern countryside of Daraa province.

Assistant Director of Water Resources in Daraa Marwan al-Rabdawi said that local sources confirmed that terrorists placed explosives on the drainage gate of Tasil dam and detonated them, causing water to flow in the direction of al-Alan valley and Bassel al-Assad dam which is cracked due to the tunnels and trenches dug by terrorists around it.

Al-Rabdawi said that around 3 cubic meters are flowing out of the dam per second due to the terrorist attack, but this doesn’t pose any threat to surrounding areas, adding that all dams in Daraa province are located in areas where terrorists are present which prevented carrying out any maintenance or repairs since terrorists prevent repair teams from accessing them.

— Hazem Sabbagh

A Partial History of War Crimes Involving Syrian Water, Funded by US, Allies, & Underlings:

February 2013.  High-level NATO operatives invaded al Tabqa Dam, and have held it hostage, since (last month’s psywar operation, here.).

Upon the mid-December 2016 liberation and reunification of Aleppo, on 23 December terrorists were deployed to pollute humanity’s oldest continuing supply of water, al Fijah Spring, depriving 5.5 million Damascenes of essential water.  al Fijah had also been under occupation since February 2013.

In mid-January 2017, Wada Barrada Agreement was tentatively reached: Terrorists would either go to Idlib, or home to Turkey, with Reconciliation for tens of armed men in 5 towns.

Soon after, Ret. SAA General Ahmad al  Ghadban, Reconciliation Coordinator in Wadi Barrada, was assassinated after leaving a meeting.

By 30 January 2017 the war crime against al Fijah Spring was resolved, with this area of Syria again being under Syria’s control.

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