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Terrorist Attack on 2 Buses in Daraa Injures 9 including 4 Children

US-sponsored ISIS freedom fighters in Daraa, Syria - file photo

A terrorist attack targeted a civilian bus in the Syrian southern province of Daraa, the attack which took place yesterday, Tuesday 20 evening, 20 September 2022, resulted in injuring 9 passengers among them were 4 children, the Daraa Police Headquarters said.

In a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA, a source in Daraa Police Headquarters said:

“A terrorist attack took place with machine guns on two buses, a bus carrying out-of-duty policemen, and a civilian minibus while they were passing in the town of Al-Yadudah in the western countryside of Daraa. The terrorist attack resulted in the injury of 6 civilians and three policemen.”

The Daraa police source added that “the injured were transferred to Daraa and Tafas National Hospitals.”

There was no further information on the status of the victims by the time of writing this report, neither from the Daraa Police nor from the hospitals, we will update this report when it’s available.

Terrorist attacks continue to target the Syrian military and law enforcement personnel, and the civilians in Daraa despite the Syrian law enforcement and the Syrian Arab Army and law enforcement agencies qualitative achievements in combating ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) and its affiliates who are protected by the US Army’s 55 kilometers perimeter established around their illegal base in Al Tanf.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated Syria’s southern province of Daraa in two waves, in 2018 and in 2021, offering the terrorists a chance to join the reconciliation process which grants them an amnesty in exchange for laying down their weapons and returning to their normal lives. However, a considerable number of ISIS terrorists encouraged by their foreign sponsors refused to join the reconciliation and fled to the Al Tanf area, most of these terrorists are foreigners and others who have committed terrorist acts of heinous nature.

Not only the US army in Al Tanf provides protection to the ISIS remnants in the 55 kilometers zone, they actively and overtly train the terrorists, arm them, fund them, and continue to call them moderate rebels and paint them as they are the ones combating ISIS in Syria!

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