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Ten Killed Dozens Injured by Car Explosion in Occupied Tal Abiad, Raqqa

Tal Abiad car explosion kill 10 northern Raqqa countryside Syria - Turkish borders

A strong explosion claimed the lives of ten and injured many others in the occupied city of Tal Abiad, Raqqa northern countryside, at the northern Syrian borders with Turkey.

The explosion, the 4th of its kind within one month exactly in Tal Abiad, is being seen as the works of the head of Erdogan security the so-called Hakan Fidan, the Turkish ‘intelligence’ head who is much inspired by Turkish drama and the servants at the Sultan palace plotting false-flags to use them to further his boss’s goals.

This explosion in a city occupied by NATO’s largest army in mankind and thousands of al-Qaeda Nusra Terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan could not happen at the quarters of these terrorists without much information and access only available to Erdogan forces.

Video also available on BitChute:

It can also be seen in the instant statements by the Turkish Ministry of War accusing the Kurdish PKK militia as if the darkroom issuing the statement is waiting next to the phone for the confirmation the explosion took place to release the statement without carrying out any sort of investigations or forensics or waiting for a statement claiming credit by those who carried the terror attack, not even after 1 month for the first explosion onwards.

In the previous explosion a week ago, the terrorists captured the person who remotely detonated the car explosion and turned out he is a former colleague of them, they handed him over to Erdogan Army calling on his execution and they refused:

Furthermore, Syria only witnessed this terror, let alone the massive unprecedented sort of it, after Erdogan declared his acceptance of the role assigned to him by the USA under the ‘Greater Israel Project’, to steal the lands of the Levant and divide it among these land thieves: The Turks will revive their most-hated Ottoman Empire with Erdogan the caliph wanna be, and the Israelis want to fulfill the prophecy to build the temple for the Anti-Christ on the maximum land they can steal for their awaited ‘king’.

Meanwhile, Erdogan forces in the Turkish Army and his mercenaries in al-Qaeda FSA carried out a coordinated attack on the town of Ein Essa in the same northern Raqqa countryside.

The terrorists and their NATO protectors used all sorts of missiles and artillery against the residential neighborhoods of the town to push the residents into exodus in order to take over their properties and Israelize it.

Massive destruction in the public and private properties and infrastructure resulted from this indiscriminate bombing.

The city of Ras Al-Ain faced a similar bombing by the terrorists where an unspecified number of civilians were killed and injured.

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