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Syria’s Ambassador Jaafari Educates UN Colonialists, Again

jaafari un 30 jan

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, H.E. Bashar al Jaafari has given another tutorial on truth and actual diplomacy to the criminal liars who control the Security Council, and to their various ‘diplomatic’ affiliates. On 30 January, the mobsters held another of their conjugal meetings on the humanitarian crisis in the SAR. One of more than a hundred such meetings, 60 reports, and 8 resolutions, the clique again ignored the root cause of the problem, which the consummate diplomat yet again explained.

The trans-Atlantic Mockingbird pandemic of the ridiculous CovCath ‘scandal’ finally ended, and was immediately replaced with NATO and reputedly independent media — also trans-Atlantic — spewing colonialist demands for the removal of Venezuela’s elected president, Nicolas Maduro. With the exception of massive reporting of a US judge supporting al-Qaeda in Syria, there almost appears to be a blackout on reporting of events in and related to the SAR.

Back in mid-December, Trump’s tweets on potential withdrawal of illicit US troops from Syria were met with mass hysteria media opposition. The same media refrained from condemnation and reporting on the ongoing war criminal massacres of Syrian civilians, by the US-led fascist coalition.

The 30 January Security Council meeting was virtually ignored by all; even the warmongering State Department did little to market the veiled threats of Jonathan Cohen, staunchly defending al Qaeda which still occupies most of Idlib. Cohen recycled the perverse warnings in support of armed savages, that were spewed against the liberation of Aleppo, and then of Ghouta.

Cohen also implied that the illegal US troops are holding the Syrian refugees in Rukban Camp hostage and that only the US will dictate when — or if — these IDPs may be released to return home (it was only in November that the US occupiers finally permitted a humanitarian convoy to enter the camp.). This is particularly important to note, as the SAR has begun opening two humanitarian corridors for Syrian IDPs to leave this camp.

US lying at the UN
al tanf

France’s François Delattre’s remarks were especially repulsive, imperialistic. Bien sûr; this is to be expected, as colonialist France has never forgiven Syria for Evacuation Day. Nonetheless, Delattre went beyond the pale: He blew kisses to Germany, Belgium, and Kuwait for assisting in getting the colonialist UNSCR 2449 (2018) imposed on the SAR (for which the takfiri immediately showed their gratitude via the bombing of Hama and Aleppo); he demanded the immediate imposition of the fascist UNSCR 2254 (2015); like Cohen, he made veiled threats that Syria not dare liberate Idlib from the terrorists who persistently breach the [unilateral] “de-escalation zone agreement.”

french un rep 30 jan

Here, the author is compelled to expand this slightly belated report on Ambassador Jaafari’s statement to the UN, to remind the world of the particular, violent, hypocrisy and Freudian projection France outrageously applies to Syria. It is an essential expansion.

By early 2014, the terrorists themselves made an informal census of the foreign garbage dumped into the SAR, to slaughter soldiers defending their country within its sovereign borders. Among them were 450 chunks of human garbage, from France. Former urchin-president Hollande bragged about breaching EU dictates, and sending weapons to these savages in Syria. La petite grenouille Macron shamelessly campaigned before the Association of the Paralyzed on the single issue of bringing President Assad to a kangaroo court to be tried for ‘gassing his people.’

It is the evil Macron who has been gassing his people, sending his gestapo-like military marksmen to the streets to blind members of the Gilets Jaunes — Yellow Vests — to blind them, to blow off their hands, to kill them and to arrest them. Hundreds of thousands of French citizens have poured into the streets, and hundreds of them have been mauled, mangled, dismembered by Macron’s killer cops, and western media has been silent, or disgustingly blames the mutilated (a short video of the weapons used to brutalize the GJs can be viewed below.).

Weapons used to brutalize the GJs in France
A UK medium headline: “Man Severs Arm.” The plumber’s hand was blown off by Macron’s demonic police.

Monster Macron found his créneau — or perhaps it was created — via France-born “thinker” Alain Finkielkraut having suddenly shown up at a Gilets Jaunes protest; his “appearance on the scene of the GJs to troll them was a way to turn the collective heads of the population in a way to demonize the movement and give everyone else something to wring their hands over.”

AFP claimed the old man was “insulted,” and “injured,” despite its own, contrary, captions: “He has come to try to provoke us;” “species of vicious racist;” “You’re going to hell. God’s going to punish you” — and despite its own video showing that nobody touched the old fart.

insulted & injured afp - Finkielkraut

The geriatric Frenchman “thinker” Finkielkraut thinks that Polanski is not a child rapist; that he is the victim of misunderstanding for having lamented that the black-black-black skin hue of champion football players makes France the laughingstock of Europe; that there exists “a Jewish anti-Semitism that rages today.”

On cue, malignant sociopath Macron announced another resurgence of ongoing unprecedented anti-Semitism in France, and that he planned to criminalize anti-Zionist ideas. On cue, Israeli media reached down, to pat him on the head.


“Jewish Agency agents have one way of increasing aliyah: Burning synagogues.” — Haifa born Jewish Israeli, Eyal Sivan, who lost the defamation suit against Finkielkraut, despite the latter admitting the defamation. Sivan later stated, “Zionism runs France.” In both quotes, Mr. Sivan could have been speaking of Philly.

NATO media (a.k.a., ‘military industrial complex,’ ‘deep state,’ ‘war profiteers,’ ‘war criminal liars,’, ‘MSM’ — both Mockingbird teams) outdid themselves in their poisonous lies with this vicious, blinding irony:

blinding irony

The pathogenic media finally published a photo of two members of the Gilets Jaunes blinded by Macron’s police and cheaply and sadistically crop it to pretend they are victims of anti-Semitic violence.

blinded gjs pic by v

Now that we have exposed the cesspool operatives who control the UN, we return to the Syrian diplomat’s statement of 30 January.

Dr. Jaafari noted that humanitarian work is “noble, not a tool for political subjugation.” He again chided the penholders over the consistent lack of concern for the root cause of his country’s humanitarian crisis: Terrorism.

Ambassador Jaafari reminded these imperialist pinheads that there was no humanitarian crisis prior to the unprecedented terrorist war imposed on Syria. The UN clique has no “respect for state sovereignty,” that the British, French, US, and Turkish forces are all supporters of terrorism, that the “diplomats” of the UN have done nothing to halt the war criminal bombings, invasions, occupations in his country, and that they have done nothing to stop the economic terrorism via illegal unilateral, coercive measures imposed on his country.

Excellency Jaafari again condemned the “false information” and “misleading reports” of the UN “humanitarians,” including that which is culled from “open sources” (social media gossip, ”fake news”) and “foreign media hostile to my country” — media from all NATO countries and their underling satraps.

The Syrian diplomat also reminded the amnesiacs of some of the war criminal propaganda on which the UN bases its hostility toward the SAR. Somehow, his demented colleagues had forgotten that Egyptian authorities had arrested 5 persons for videoing White Helmets type emotional war porn propaganda with the plan to upload to social media and lie about bleeding Syrian children in Aleppo, December 2016.

Few NATO MSM outlets bothered to report on this ‘trivial’ crime. Those who pimped the White Helmets sarin hoax in Khan Sheikhoun, ignoring the magic of these death squads in handling the neurotoxic chemical weapon without essential protection, poo-pooed the propaganda video as “amateurish.” Britain’s The Independent [Liar] went as far as to censor its own anemic blurb about it.

Continuing in his futile attempt to unclog the deaf ears of mobsters in nice suits, Dr. Jaafari reminded them of the criminal lies written by Der Spiegel‘s golden boy, multi-awards winning Claas Relotius.

Should this wretched name not sound familiar, that is because Dr. Strangelove MSM — constantly engaged in “imperial malfeasance” — barely put out a ticker on it. Not one mentioned that Relotius is indictable under Nuremberg Principle VI, “Crimes against Peace.”

nuremberg VI crimes against peace

There were no apologies to Syria for Germany’s Reporterpreis having engaged in war propaganda criminal lies against it. In this brave new world of flagrant impunity in lying “news,” the simple words, “lie,” “lies,” and “liar” were nowhere to be found. Instead, the celebrated poetic wunderkind star did the impossible: He made up facts. Oh, and the poor little bit of filth had to return all his awards.

Were there an award for the “Most Corrupt Reporting on a Lying, Corrupt, Reporter,” it would likely go to the UK’s feculent and foul war whoring medium, The Guardian. This vile source was concerned that other [Vichy] journalists were “deeply shattered,” fretted over the scummy liar’s mental status (poor baby whined, “I am sick and I need to get help.”), was distressed that the “rightwing” in Germany now had proof of lying MSM, and most indecently exploited the criminal lies to further engage in more criminal lies.

In back-to-back December lamentations over the criminal liar Relotius getting caught, the virulent cesspool called The Guardian shamelessly re-pimped the criminal lies about “Moawiya,” “a Syrian boy” who was “arrested” and “tortured” by “the regime” for having painted graffiti on some wall, in support of NATO Arab Spring.

Astonishingly, The Guardian completely missed “The National”‘s June report showing “boy” not only all grown up into manhood, but also showing no deleterious effects of having been tortured (like all those claiming torture status,” which NATO MSM reports without evidence, Moawiya miraculously retains full range of motion. His remarkable recovery includes the ability for fire a weapon, and play football). Photos from AFP, eerily embedded safely with various armed terrorists; preternaturally on the scene of fantastic atrocities.

The Guardian having missed The National story is especially disconcerting, given that the latter — headquartered in Abu Dhabi — was privatized in 2016. New owners, International Media Investments, promised to ’emulate western standards,’ and a boatload of western ‘journalists’ went to work, increasing criminal propaganda.

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    It is just amazing to realise just how oppressive western regimes really are. But you only realise that when you go against them. So as long as you follow a warmongering plundering reaping imperialistic agenda you have liberty and freedom and as long as you do it far away from home no one has any problem with it. Makes me think this is outsourcing your most demented behaviours to be executed away from the family so as to keep the children safe from predatory hands.. After all oogling children in like syria is better than doing a polanski at home of the democratic freedom movement.


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