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Syrians Expel US Army Convoy and Remove Their Flags

Syrians in Qamishli countryside expel US Army armored vehicles remove its flags

Syrians in a remote village in the furthest northeast of the country blocked the road ahead of a convoy of armored vehicles of the US Army forcing the convoy to retreat.

A convoy of four armored vehicles of the US Army guarded by armed members of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in another vehicle left the main road from Qamishli and attempted to enter the village of Hamo in the southern Qamishli countryside.

During the confrontation, villagers were seen removing the US flag from the armored vehicles while others were stoning the oil thieves under the protection of soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army from the military checkpoint guarding their village against ISIS and other terrorists.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

This is not the first time NATO forces have faced the anger of the Syrian people, including the forces of the US Army, al Qaeda, the Turkish Army, and their other proxy terrorists.

Syrians stone Trump’s forces

Illegally deployed and operating in Syria as part of the US-led war of terrorism and attrition against the Syrian people, the US Army continues to beef up its numbers and military gear while stealing Syrian oil, and wheat, blocking access to fresh water with the help of Turkey, the other member state of NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance.

NATO Forces Stealing Syrian Railway

In their latest broad daylight theft of Syrian resources and their war crimes to inflict maximum damage on the Syrian people for refusing to join the US-sponsored revolution of Al Qaeda and ISIS head-choppers, the US Army and its proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists continue to dismantle and steal the railways of the Syrian Railway within the areas they illegally occupy in Deir Ezzor.

A statement supported by media issued by the Syrian Railway and conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA said:

“The SDF militia continues to steal railways with its infrastructure, facilities, and equipment, in addition to locomotives, trucks, and machinery in the areas in which it is deployed in the governorates of Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah, including what was recently monitored, the dismantling of the railway stations, starting with the passenger transport station in Al-Husseiniyah neighborhood and the freight station near the grain silos, all the way to Al-Tabiyah station, which was designated for transporting Conoco plant gas and was dismantled in November of 2021, and it stole materials, equipment, and railway stations under construction between Deir Ezzor and Al-Bukamal to connect with Iraq.”

The statement added: “In an alliance between the separatist militia and the American occupation, the American aircraft targeted the railway bridges, the last of which was the big bridge on the Euphrates River in the town of Ramadi.”

The concentrated war crimes of NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance, its proxy forces, and puppet regimes against Syria is a late realization in the quarters of the ‘thinkers’ and ‘strategists’ running the ‘deep state’ for the Collective West that their loss in Syria because of the heroism and steadfastness of the Syrian people, the Syrian leadership, and most importantly, the Syrian Arab Army, that loss has finally allowed the tilting of the global power balance after decades of absolute dominance of the United States, in which many countries started standing up to the US hegemony, countries like Venezuela and Iran, and also countries like Russia and China.

Winning in Syria will help the ‘strategists’ retain what’s left of their hegemony as they still hope they will be able to reverse the trajectory of events leading to the new world order of multipolarity and diversity.

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  1. Liz Grant

    Serious Power Transmission Without Wires Is Closer Than You Think

    Can’t find the original article, but the system can project that much power for at least 20 to 25 miles. Now just think of all that power in a narrow beam of laser light striking an air born warcraft; kind of makeshifts that form of delivering mass destruction obsolete; doesn’t it?
    No more airborne nuclear weapons, etcetera; forces warfare to return to ground based assaults; doesn’t it?
    It was designed to transmit power over great distances via relay stations, but would make a great defensive weapon without great cost.

    • Liz Grant

      So, whoever deleted my message while I was writing it; you’re just the person that I wanted to read it. That particular behavior was just what I was getting to; stick your head in the sand and deny it all; you and your kind will be the cause of the extinction of this species

  2. Liz Grant

    Also, as concerns my previous statement concerning the extinction of the human species, consider the anthropologic record of all the humanids that preceded us; quite possibly, for no other reason than for the capacity to consciously understand that “I think, therefore, I am; and they think and therefore they are”; we have, thanks to our cognitive abilities have artificially, interfered in our own evolutionary progression.

  3. Liz Grant

    Also, no doubt, in reference to the above comment, you are also the same party that follows me around elsewhere on the internet, and therefore have read my the other articles by others concerning the relationship between mathematics and life itself, therefore, I suspect that there is in all probably a mathematical formula that will, in turn explain and predict our own extinction as a species.

  4. Liz Grant

    Also, as concerns the above-mentioned comment, you may again want to proverbially want to stick your head in the sand, and say, “no, no,. it’s not true”, well, I’d like to do the same, but we’ve already come this far, with interfering with our own evolution; why quit now? Why leave it to chance if we go extinct or not; and instead, make damn sure that we don’t go extinct by adopting behaviors and belief systems that will ensure our survival as a species?

  5. Liz Grant

    As to why I ever made a comment on this website to begin with; 3 points; #1
    The TARDIS is a fictional hybrid of the time machine and spacecraft that appears in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its various spin-offs. Its exterior appearance mimics a police box, an obsolete type of telephone kiosk that was once commonly seen on streets in Britain. 
    I think I know how our species can build this machine.

    • Liz Grant

      As concerns the above mentioned monologue on the future of this particular species; Monsters of the Midway; Life was never meant to be an unbearable burden; if you need relief from it, you can be granted an escape without prejudice, no harm will befall you, if that indeed is your wish.
      There is story of a man named Job, who was so severely mistreated by his god, or perhaps it was his father; all, supposedly to prepare him both physically and mentally to survive the challenges of life itself; though, as the song goes, even rose gardens have thorns, and some times it does indeed rain; I am literally offering you heaven; but, if you have a problem with that; do you worship an anti-god? Have partaken in his flesh? Is that why you can’t accept love? Because, you never had it? Never knew it? So, why give it to me now? Now that I’m strong and don’t need it?
      Yes, you survived, but, you didn’t beat that beast who beat you in every possible, imaginary way; you don’t become that God that abused you, to supposedly make you into a godlike being; until you can forgive.
      There’s heaven; I just pointed you the way. If you can’t accept it, there are many more gods above mine, that can grant you your death wish, if you so desire it.

  6. Liz Grant

    Point 2; to the above mentioned comment. Why we shouldn’t build that machine at the present time, because of all the associated technology that that would bring along with it.
    Forbidden Planet is a 1956 American science fiction film from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, produced by Nicholas Nayfack, and directed by Fred M. Wilcox from a script by Cyril Hume that was based on an original film story by Allen Adler and Irving Block. It stars Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, and Leslie Nielsen. Shot in Eastmancolor and CinemaScope, it is considered one of the great science fiction films of the 1950s,[4] a precursor of contemporary science fiction cinema.

  7. Liz Grant

    Point 3; of all of the above; if we do want to go ahead ahead with that technology to build that TARSUS and risk what happened to that previous civilization; why we would need justice machines to block full unfettered access to the machine that destroyed the very civilization that created it. And, the problem with justice machines as explored in the episode linked to below, which our Artificial Intelligence software may possibly someday be capable of doing if negative biases could be removed, which would quickly lead to our own extermination.
    Justice” is the eighth episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The episode first aired in broadcast syndication on November 9, 1987. Directed by James L. Conway, writer John D. F. Black originally pitched the story, but after Worley Thorne and Gene Roddenberry modified it, Thorne wrote the script.

  8. Liz Grant

    Anyway to all of the above mentioned, if you want that too; first, and foremost, please turn back on the water to Syria. Two, just so that I could devote my entire mind to achieving that end, please give me a small mansion with a smart dog, a small army to protect me from nay sayers, 100 million dollars so that I can amass a small army of scientists and whatever else would be needed so that we can obtain that goal, without killing ourselves in the process. I would also, probably need a human companion, because, despite your claims to the contrary as to what I think of myself as a human being; I’m only human and only use religion and theology as a type of language as so does the letters of Japanese and Chinese and of other Oriental languages where each letter has its own story to tell. I just want to communicate an idea the best I can; I am, after all, only human, with all its accompanying flaws, because of the fact that I am human after all.

  9. Liz Grant

    In reply, you turned off my A/C again; that’s what I thought you were; obviously, I don’t have to describe you; too bad that you and so many others of our kind are so damn ignorant and full of hatred, jealousy and whatever other afflictions we suffer that prevent us from ever evolving beyond rat-hood; may you die in your sleep; just as g_d wanted it to be.

  10. Liz Grant

    Anyway, that was about my whole take l on Western Civilization as a child; that there was some kind of sickness as it related to sex; that for some strange reason there could be no real meaningfull relationship between individuals unless it included frequent sexual encounters.
    Sick! Totally sick filthy garbage people; no wonder why Western Civilization is the way it is; you’re right; you aren’t human, you’re some other sort of highly diseased animal; unfit for life, if that’s the way you like it, and apparently it is the way you all tempt total annihilation; so be it.
    You dropped a house on top of the wicked witch of the East; the Ukraine, tickled her toes as you stole her shoes; so, now only the waters that flow from Turkey into Syria stand in the way of Dorothy throwing that water on the wicked witch of the West; the USA. I’ve met others who, for one reason or another, needed an escape from this land called Oz, because, it is after all, the Garden of Eden; isn’t it? At least for you, if not for all.
    If you don’t want to hand over the broom; there’s other ways; but nobody’s trying to buy s ticket on out of here, so if your monkeys are so cowardly that they won’t speak up and say, that they are in fact the master’s slave; being nothing but your personal property anyway; we’re free to take them from you as noted in the Emancipation; as we rape your disgusting anus.
    We can do it, however you please; you, Mr. USA, he man; or is it really, She-Man? I have no problem with an individual’s choice as to identity or preference, but then when you reach out, and declare your crimes against humanity, as your personal god given right; then all the monkeys in hell can burn as a sacrifice to your filthy disgusting so-called heathenistic god.
    Give me the broom, or we’ll take it away from you, ourselves.

  11. Liz Grant

    Too strong is it? Someone’s feelings might get hurt? Not like the Christians are any much better; but I’ll work on it; I figured that was who you were from the jump; but, I’ll work on it some more.

  12. Liz Grant

    Just a little snippet of what I found on a science journal (enclosed within quotes)

    Over Hunting by the Mafia Type?
    When it comes to being a hunter-gather, just walking up to another hominin and killing it would be a lot easier than stalking something like a gazelle; wouldn’t it?

    “Using a genomic model they developed called Fit-Coal, researchers estimate that around 930,000 years ago, nearly 99% of our hominin ancestors were wiped out, and this bottleneck persisted for roughly 120,000 years.

    The model extrapolates the size of ancestral populations in the past based on differences between present-day genomes and estimated rates of DNA mutation. By plugging in sequences for around 3000 people, the team estimated that the total population of our lineage was whittled down to only about 1300 breeding individuals”

    Again, Denisovans? Everyone left their bones behind except Denisovans; people eaters? Even of their own?

    Also, as a child, I was pick up hitchhiking by a man who wanted sex, I jumped out, apparently, 300 other children, didn’t, and their remains were later found near my childhood home; I think that has something to do with all the hatred directed toward me: not that you or anyone else could ever do anything about it, but recently, observing how quickly this behavior trait seems to spread (let’s get really silly here)
    Is it a fungus that takes over the brain? That’s why they don’t seem to care if the host hominin dies or not? Some bacteria are capable of surviving for over a billion years buried in rock, and still comeback and infect again.
    Is this what our species is dealing with? Seems too much like science fiction; but, if it is fiction, what’s with the renewed fervor for space exploration in rickety old space slow moving space craft, unless the passengers are some sort of bacteria or fungus that can survive for billions of years without sustenance? The movie, “The Alien”, could possibly be even REAL?
    But, maybe so; why else would anyone knock themselves out to block our unfettered knowledge of the universe? You do know; don’t you? That some actor has hacked into almost all of the world’s large telescopes to disable them. Strange.
    And, moronic astrophysics articles in highly respected science journals about “deep space” signals ?, strange never seen before, “sightings”; please! For real? Someone’s running a psychological warfare game with the science community?
    Anyway, I sure as hell wish I had my own space craft to jump on and get the hell off this El sicko planet of ape-like creatures. How the hell do you all live with yourselves? Actually, you don’t; you’re all too busy killing each other, and it certainly sounds like far fetched science fiction to try to make sense of human suicidal behavior; but, obviously, if you all don’t stop whatever the hell that you’re doing; you’re all headed toward some kind of booby hatch hell.

    Thanks for all you do.
    Remember Jim Jones and the 900 dead from drinking cyanide lased kool-aid?

    “Today is the first day of your life.”
    LOL, in retrospect that’s funny as hell. That was Jim Jones that wrote that, and in the same way that whoever this shit head is that’s stalking me, they (Congress) stalked Jim Jones and his followers. Remember that? You’re young? Same sort of diseased minds, as this bitch is that just won’t let it be.
    All those imaginary space that our astronomers keep seeing must be here to kill us all; and for all of the above mentioned reasons; wouldn’t that be great if they were? We really, as a species, really are a pathogen that can’t be allowed to escape this planet.
    LOL, I should write a science fiction novel?
    Thank you


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