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Syrians Continue Protests against US-Owned SDF Terrorists

Syria SDF YPG Asayish Recruiting Child Soldiers Kurds

US-run 'SDF' continues to kidnap Syrian children to make them 'soldiers.' [Archive]

Syrians under the occupation of US illegals and their terrorist SDF are continuing public protests against the illicit militia that burns agricultural fields, appropriates or bombs homes, kidnaps Syrian children for criminal training in military camps. In a recent chaotic situation, four SDF terrorists were killed in a possible grenade bombing of a ‘militia center.’

The SDF terrorists, acting under the protection of its US creators have previously torched wheat fields when Syrian farmers refused to capitulate to their mafiosi – type tax demands. More recently, this gang has begun destroying agricultural lands to dig trenches near to the border with terrorist Erdogan’s Turkey (reminder that most of the 350k foreign human detritus invaded Syria through the Turkish border, and not one lost a leg to the almost 200k landmines not cleared, despite Turkey joining the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003).

Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief

The US has been dumping convoys of military trucks and weapons into its regions of criminal occupation on a regular basis, since August, for increased arming of its mini SDF militia. Currently, these thugs are engaged in violent mayhem in Hasaka, Raqqa, and Deir Ezzor countryside.

Protests in Deir Ezzor against SDF - Archive

To date, the largest number of Syrians abducted by the Trump regime thugs in one day, was 30, certainly a distorted way to honor 9/11 martyrs.

US Americans currently endure crumbling infrastructure, mass homelessness & related outbreaks of diseases in urban centers (e.g., Hep A in Philly), drug addiction, substandard public transit, closure of hospital universities (e.g., Hahnemann University Hospital, also Philly).

Windows of Hahnemann University Hospital, just before closure. It taught physicians, nurses, physicians assistants, therapists. In 2017, it had 17k admissions & 53k emergency room visits. Closed because there is no money…except to arm terrorists like the SDF. Philly City Hall to left.

They suffer the indignity of crowd-funding to help defray health care costs.

Nonetheless, they have been made into well-behaved creatures, currently made to argue over which partisan team is more corrupt related to activities in the post-Nazimaidan Ukraine (which cost US taxpayers $5 billion bipartisanly). They are completely unaware of the hundreds of millions of their tax monies being dumped to fund and arm terror against Syria.

Over recent months, the US-created, US protected gang of thugs has engaged in various attempts at strategic depopulation of the indigenous Syrian population:

As the Pavlovian, Mockingbird training of the American populace includes mandatory geopolitical memory deficits, the author asks them to try to consider why the SDF is no longer featured prominently in NATO media, as it was during the Obama administration.

In the early days of the foreign war of terror against Syria, the Obama State Department gave frequent press conferences in which the criminal attacks against the State by the YPG would be cheered. Given the YPG is ‘military arm’ of the PKK which is actually on the US terror list, United States Special Forces Commander Gen. Raymond A. Thomas declared the name change was required (the various flags of the many armed terrorists against Syria, here. They include photos of US-approved terrorists with US-unapproved terrorists.)

The re-marketed, YPG-cum-SDF Obama regime creation was such a hit with western colonial serfs that they missed the fact that Obama actually put together a NATO wetworker run SDF — advertised as a ‘minority’ fighting against the also the US – created ISIS terrorists.

This charming gentleman, Brace Belden — who told media that he was a teen drunk and druggie — is not Kurdish, nor is he Syrian. He is an American who assisted in the obliteration of al-Raqqa. The fifth column known as ‘Hollywood‘ is making a movie about him. It is unlikely that anyone will notice the colonial aggression, aggression and impunity, and by the time it is in theaters, American colonial serfs will probably have managed to disassociate, completely, that the Trump regime has continued and accelerated the atrocities against Syria, begun during the Obama regime, and which normalized SDF terror attacks against Syrian farms, schools, churches, homes….

“Then we just bombarded the shit out of it [Raqqa].” “I’ve literally done nothing in my life but jack off before I came here.” — American terrorist & human garbage.

The American Empire may change flags of its terrorist militias on the ground, in Syria, but they are all the same, despite the occasional infighting.

Syria’s Tabqa Dam has been under US occupation since February 2013. Officially, though, the FSA branch of al Qaeda ”liberated” it from the Syrian government, after which the ISIS branch of al Qaeda magically liberated it from the FSA when arriving to seek a most bizarre sanctuary, after which it was re-re-liberated by the US’s updated YPG terrorists, the SDF.

Let us be mindful that as Trump is facing the impeachment inquiry, the Pentagon and the ISW charity think tank threaten to revive ISIS, Secretary Lied, Cheated, Stole Pompeo barks threats at Syria, and State Department POX Morgan Ortagus has been tweeting propaganda that Syria must release Austin Tice.

Tice is the former Marine who illegally entered Syria, and who chose to embed himself with the FSA al Qaeda branch. Somehow, Ortagus — and various MSM — have managed to ignore Tice’s last tweet, 12 August 2012, which was “hands down, best birthday ever.” One might wonder if the FSA slipped a roofie into the whiskey they got him for that pool party (no mention of whose home the FSA had expropriated, nor if the owners were murdered or simply evicted) and sold him to ISIS, as may have happened to another American illegal, Sotloff.


The anti-Syria propaganda by the Trump regime has increased around the UNGA meetings. One the occasions the western media are not drowning their audiences in impeachment stories, they slip in short reports on the threats to the Syrian Arab Republic.

These NATO media do not report on the Syrians protesting against the crimes of the SDF. These media also ignore President Assad’s promise:

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

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