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Syrians Block Biden Forces Convoys; Another Landmine Explosion Victim

Syrian Army soldiers and local Syrians block the road in front of Biden forces US army oil thieves Hasakah

Syrians fed up with the presence of Biden forces (aka US Army) in their country are standing up to this occupation and plundering of their resources by the US oil thieves invaders, blocking the roads, and carrying out attacks against these criminals, while they continue to pay from their blood and sweat the price of foiling the empire’s hegemony attempts over the whole world, another Syrian farming family lost their bread-earner, one more innocent civilian die from a landmine explosion planted by the powers of evil promoted in western mainstream media as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘moderate rebels’ coming to Syria to protect the people from their own fathers, brothers, and sisters in their country’s own army.

Syrians are fed up with the oil thieves

Four military convoys of the Biden forces in four different villages were blocked by the locals and forced to retreat, the oil thieves convoys were heading to steal more resources. Syrian army units in the areas rushed to protect the locals from the invaders and forced them to flee.

The people of the villages Al Damkhiyeh and Abu Thuail in Hasakah northern countryside blocked the road in front of 5 military vehicles in a column of the US army escorted by a military vehicle of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists. Biden forces were trying to expand their routes in the region.

The locals stoned the US army oil thieves and forced them to retreat along with their Kurdish guarding terrorists.

Syrians block the road for Biden forces convoy in the Qamishli countryside

A column of four other armored vehicles of the Biden forces and one military vehicle of the Kurdish SDF terrorists were blocked by a Syrian army unit at the Bailounah checkpoint, the column was trying to reach the international highway. Locals in the nearby villages of Hamou and Qussair rushed to support their army and contribute to the stoning of the oil thieves who were forced to retreat to their post in the nearby town of Qahtaniyeh.

These confrontations today follow the confrontation of the day before yesterday when 5 armored vehicles of the US army oil thieves regiment escorted by military vehicles of their guarding Kurdish SDF terrorists tried to reach the city of Qamishli in the northern Hasakah countryside. Locals from the Tall adh Dhahab village to the south of Qamishli rushed to the site and stoned the oil thieves forcing them to return to their base.

Another landmine explosion

In other news, the US and European taxpayers footing its cost are indifferent about, and at the same time bleeds the hearts of every Syrian, another Syrian farmer lost his life and another Syrian family lost their bread earner when the farmer in the Al Zarah village hit a landmine planted in his farm.

The landmine blew up in the farmer who was plowing his farmland and he later succumbed to his wounds. Earlier in this same month, at least one other civilian was killed by a landmine explosion, and 4 other civilians were injured in two different incidents on the 3rd and 4th of the December in the Al Seeb Dam area in Hama eastern countryside, and in the city of Morek in Hama northern countryside.

We’re trying to report these incidents to shed the light on the ongoing suffering of the Syrians who suffer alone while international organizations condemn them if they resist, celebrate their killers, and even celebrate the international bodies like the UNMAS (United Nations Mines Action Service) which supposed to help the Syrian state clean the areas liberated from terrorists from landmines and has signed a memorandum with the Syrian state in 2018, did nothing afterward.

We sincerely hope the people of the United States of America, Britain, the EU, and their minions of NATO and the Gulfies prioritize their wellbeing over killing our people, to secure the future for their children instead of raping, maiming, kidnapping, and killing our children, to build and rebuild their infrastructure over destroying ours, to live and let us live.

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