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Looted Syrians’ Belongings Auctioned by the FSA

sheikh maqsoud

Three weeks ago, FSA controlled Sheik Maqsoud, their terrorism & massacres forced many Syrians out of their homes. Many have fled leaving all behind, just to escape the mass rapes and murder. FSA availed itself to the homes and shops, looting all that is of value.

A Sheik Maqsoud resident who refused to flee his home & area said that the shops and houses which FSA didn’t have a chance to rob were sold in an auction.

“Buyer pays $250 to the FSA for the whole interiors and furnishings of a house and $250 for FSA to allow a car to move the looting. Cars that weren’t burned were also sold almost for the same amount.”

Another resident who has escaped to a safe area spoke of what he saw:

“Terrorists spread like locusts when they entered Sheik Maqsoud. Each battalion rushed to have their share of the lootings. Stolen materials were quickly moved to storages and houses they’ve taken over in their areas. But soon FSA got busy from the looting to fight the Syrian Arab Army who have rushed to rid the area of their abomination.”

FSA’s Sheiks issued numerous Fatwas which allow the “rebels” to steal the houses and cars of Syrians. One of those weird Fatwas says that the terrorists just have to say Allah Akbar three times over their lootings and it becomes “Halal” legitimate.

Aleppo’s northern countryside has special markets for such stolen materials, the ones that received the Takbeer treatment. Everything there is way cheaper from the original cost. Areas that are controlled by FSA in the city has such markets too, where stolen items are sold for the fifth of its actual cost.

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