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Syrianews Exclusive: Syrian Navy Destroys Israeli Submarine

Syrian Arab Army

Syrianews managed to confirm the news we received a couple of days ago that a Syrian Navy boat destroyed an Israeli submarine off the Syrian coast at 150 meters depth on 02 May 2013 around 2 – 2:30 am. We were not told the type or size of the submarine but we were confirmed it was destroyed.

In the details we managed to get: the enemy object was detected and orders were given to one of the nearby boats to destroy it which they did with a torpedo (not told which type), then it was monitored sinking until landing on the seabed off the coast. A heavy movement of Syrian Army helicopters was observed over the site where the submarine was destroyed.

It’s not the first time Syrian Navy engage with enemy and hostile objects. At the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian Navy spotted a German navy ship on a reconnaissance mission and harassed it away, a German minister then complained of the Syrian Navy acts claiming the ship was not spying, just listening and collecting information!

Syrian Army
Syrian Arab Army

A high number of Israeli spying balloons are seen over the Syrian coast and the Zionists started booby trapping the balloons so they’ll explode when reaching the ground if they’re shot down by the Syrian Army.

Worth noting that Israel with US blessing carried out a raid against a chicken hen and a weapons depot near Damascus on 5th of May 2013, 3 days after this submarine was destroyed. The raid was in coordination with ground terrorists from Nusra Front attacking 19 different SAA checkpoints around the Syrian capital very early in the morning.

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    • Ty

      Now that your going to be fighting a real army and not unarmed civialians, Syria and Russia are going to kick your asses…

    • jonah


    • gadol

      The arabs always win all the wars with Israel according to Arab news. In reality Israel win all the wars. This is a fact and it make the arabs happy with the news in the net and the Israeli happy with the real results.

  1. hassan

    yeah right, you also did take off half of their airplanes, three quarters of their infantry and all of this with a catapult and few rocks.

    • ArabiSouri

      Clotchcap we did include a link to our previous post we published hours after the raid specifying the 3 targets that were actually attacked, and yes, one of them was a poultry growing facility run by the SAA's 'Production Projects Administration' which is in charge of producing food items among other things to supply the SAA & their families. There was an air-defense unit and a weapons depot which caused the consecutive explosions later on. All sites were evacuated a couple of hours before the raid for your knowledge anticipating a hostile attack. Some TV channels aired footage from the site targeted and you can watch the following video report from Manar TV, first target is the weapons depot and you can hear some munition still blowing up as the reporter film, and do concentrate on the second target filmed:

      Here's our first report:

  2. Hawk

    Interesting if this news can be supported. One thing that would corroborate with the above story, if we see in news Israel and their global organized network of jews wave the 70yr holocaust flag at Germans; making a "request" for another free submarine.

    • James Woroble Jr

      Another event that would corroborate the story…

      All three of these German made 'Dolphin' class Yoooish diesel submarines are equipped with two to four (relatively) low yield warhead nuclear cruise missiles. Recovery will be mandated and apparent.

  3. James Woroble Jr

    The sinking of the jew[Z] submersible 'kinish' by Syria would reveal and expose the masters of Hollywood mythology as the incompetent and impotent military force they actually are, suitable only in the organized murder of defenseless women, children and old men. I doubt very much Isntreal will acknowledge such a loss for this very reason. I also have no doubt Russian military surveillance and detection technology, along with highly sophisticated weaponry, played a major roll in the destruction of this [K]osher seafood treat. This incident, more than Putin's verbal warnings to Nuttyahoo in Sochi recently, gets the message across to the megalomaniacs of the menorah. But perhaps the jew[Z] are too far gone and a 400Kt nuclear Onyx 'Super Sunburn' missile detonated over Haifa, as it skirts under their 'Iron Dome' at mach 4, some 60 feet above the ground, will be required. We'll see.

  4. A Sunni very pissed

    Sink these bastards in the sea. Then take on the Qatari and Bahraini Jew-shit-eaters and cum-guzzlers. Once done, cleanse Mecca and Medina of the slaves of Jews, bloody Saud the Jew-ass-kissers. These Sheikhdoms with their Jew-whoredoms will be at the bottom of hell, below Satan. Fuck these enemies of Islam.

  5. Infidel Jones

    It's a fascinating story. Can you link to any corroborating evidence at all that supports it?

    (By the way, please take it as read that I am a Zion boy, shit-eater, cum-guzzler, lower-in-hell-than Satan Israeli, just to save time when you respond.)

    • pete500

      I don't know if anyone can corroborate it. But the fact remains that Israel is probably now the most universally hated country in the World and that hatred is growing exponentially. It never needed to be this way but when looks back at past numerous events that have been corroborated or at least proven obvious by circumstantial evidence it is not at all surprising. When one knows about the history of Israel the whole story is as unpleasant as the outcomes we are used to seeing and hearing about on regular basis! And for what it's worth I believe that Israels greatest ally who have been shafted over and over again by Israel is on the verge of becoming it's greatest enemy. Time will tell!


    Xu Meng said: Do you want to look for our group to help veterans say something, and if lucky maybe you can borrow three million years, without further ado, you change clothes, we’ll be starting.

  7. Ardent Terror

    Of course, Israel won’t believe or report it in fear of the world finding out about their incompetent leaders. It would be a huge blow to Israel’s credibility, not to mention a huge blow to Western hegemony. The balance of power has shifted to the east, and the Americans are scurrying to find ways to hide their diminishing status on the international scene.

  8. James Albert Smyth

    Syria has hyper fast Russian torpedoes. The Dolphin class submarine stolen from German tax payers didn’t stand a chance.

    Khazar filth is now polluting the bottom of the Mediterranean. Gross.

    Syria also took down an F16 stolen from American tax payers along with its kosher IDF pilot.

    Israel has lied about that as well claiming a malfunction caused it to be ditched in the drink. No. It was shot down by an S – 300.

  9. Barney

    Iran has been receiving these very weapons from Russia for the past six months. Israeli PM Netanyahu would have to be an absolutely crazy man to attack Iran. Think of it: A freed Egypt on the horizon, a Syria finally ready to really retaliate, and all of them with Russian missiles which can outsmart the Iron Dome. Add in the Gazans, the enemies in Lebanon, and last, but not least, Pakistan, and what do you get? And don’t forget Turkey, ready to make up for Israeli given embassments! An Israel ready for a comprehensive peace with the Palestinians? Or ready to fight to the last Israeli seeking asylum in England, the U.S., and other countries of Western Europe? What will our country, the U.S., do in the face of demands of American Jews?

    • Arklight

      It seems obvious that the end game is to overrun and crush Israel. In my opinion, the US will stay home. Our government makes a lot of comforting noises to Israel, but our government lies. Always. Nothing but lies come out of DC.

  10. dudu

    Its bs. you cant hide something that big from the public in israel .israel is ademorcasy you understand…acording to us media the idf atacked 4 times in syria this year.asad is afraid and he shuld be….


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