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Syrian Woman to the West: Don’t Believe Your Countries’ Lies

by Afraa Dagher

I couldn’t sleep last night.  I found myself praying for our army with hot tears, again.  Not two weeks ago, the US and coalition bombed a military position in Deir Ezzor. Eighty-three of our soldiers were massacred.  US said it was “accident.”  Maybe you heard of Deir Ezzor because of this “accident.”  Deir Ezzor has been under siege of your moderates for a long time.  On 16 January 2016, those moderates slaughtered 300 Syrian civilians there.

Two days ago what your leaders call “moderate opposition” fired new GRAD rockets at our soldiers trying to rescue our civilians at al Handarat. They were going to launch it against our people on the coast, in Aleppo, and in Hama.

More than five years, to now, every day we welcome martyrs and injured soldiers. I ask myself how brave those men in our SAA [Syrian Arab Army. Conscription in Syria is mandatory for men.  Many women volunteer], to give their souls and sacrifice their lives to protect us. They lose their blood. Some lose a hand or a leg or both because of the sophisticated weapons the “moderate rebels” have, have been given by your countries.

Moderates threatened to murder the parents of Syrian soldiers
Moderates threatened to murder the parents of Syrian soldiers

One ironic point is that many of these ‘moderates’ (mostly non Syrians to start with) are fighting in areas which have oil resources, like al Shaer field in Homs. Do you know of the massacres of Syrian workers there?  On 16 July 2014, ‘moderates’ began with suicide attacks. Coordinated assaults on check points massacred more than 200 of our soldiers. More than 300 of our volunteer National Defense Force were slaughtered [NDF  consist of part-time reservists who function under the direction of the SAA]. Civilian workers were kidnapped and later found executed, in the desert.

al Shaer gas field

Don’t let the media fool you by the name ISIS. The same sites which were controlled by the so called moderate rebels are now controlled by ISIS.  Regrouping and renaming gives the US its pretext to support “moderates” and pretend the “moderate” fight ISIS. However they are all one, whether called FSA or Jahbat al Nusra or ISIS or any of the very long list. Which ever name, in Raqqa, in Homs, al Shaer, they murder us, they kill our soldiers, they destroy our infrastructure, they steal our oil and sell it to Turkey and Israel.

If you think there was ever a peaceful revolution, how would you explain their slogan in March 2011 the date of this bloody revolution: Alawites to grave and Christians to Beirut! Can you see any thing but killing and displacement in this slogan? Can you hear any word about democracy or freedom in the slogan to exterminate one Syrian minority and force expulsion of another?

They started by massacring Syrian soldiers in Jisr al Shoghour, then civilians there. They massacred men in Latakia countryside, under orders of the Syrian rebel who was actually the Qatar FSA prince. They massacred mostly elderly men.  They younger men were in the military.  They kidnapped the women and their children. Qatar’s al Jazeera then made these women lie that their were cowards who ran away, abandoned them. They forced them to lie that they — kidnapped, imprisoned — were treated well by these FSA moderates who murdered and kidnapped.

Syria Al Jazeera Missed Clip from Latakkia

Those you call “moderate” treated their victims so well that they murdered the kidnapped children and used their bodies to accuse our soldiers and government of the chemical attack in al Ghouta in Damascus countryside in August 2013. Your media accused our army! Your governments almost bombed us because of these lies.

In December 2012 your FSA threatened Syrians with neurotoxin chemical weapon VX. UN refused to investigate the threat
In December 2012 your FSA threatened Syrians with neurotoxin chemical weapon VX. UN refused to investigate the threat

Do you really believe that Qatar has spent more than 3 billion dollars to harm us because they want us to have democracy?  Or do you imagine they want our country for their pipeline?

Now the news is that FSA has new Grad missiles from foreign countries [now identified as from Bulgaria]. And that was by the Arab Gulf money. The FSA threatens to use these weapons to kill us, to kill our soldiers, again in our Coast, in Aleppo, in Hama.

Do those in the UN Security Council care?  Our ambassador [who has been restricted by the State Department to 25mi/ 40km from the UN] declared that the UN is not a place for security or peace but it is a place for destruction and terrorism.

For our people, we have lost any faith in the West. Your leaders and councils ignore how Syrian children and students are killed by “moderates.” Do you know that 82 students were martyred at Aleppo University 15 January 2013? That 20 architecture students were blown up at Damascus University 8 March 2013? Your ‘moderates’ did this to us.

You are not told about the every day atrocities committed against us.  But you all recognize the drowned baby Aylan Kurdi. Do you know he was living with his family in Turkey not Syria? Do you know they left Turkey to go to the EU, that his father was the captain of this death boat? Other children were drowned, too. An Iraqi mother had two children drown in that sea from the overcrowded boat. She paid $10,000 to Aylan’s father, the death captain.

The world cares for the kid Omran, a boy lives in terrorists strongholds and he seems to be fine in red ambulance with some dust. His photograph is famous but why don’t you know the man who took the photograph is friends with the monsters who cut off the head of 12 year old Abdullah Issa.

The world can’t see Yemen kids under Saudi bombs.. under cluster bombs… the world can’t see our kids after every suicide bombing. We have faith in our army who has been bombed twice by the US coalition — accidentally!

This is the Coalition that never bombed convoy of ISIS even accidentally, but that bombs our infrastructure, our soldiers, our civilians.

This is the coalition that allowed “ISIS” convoys to move confidently through the desert from Iraq into Syria under the watchful eyes of the USA.

Our country was free before you decided to “regime change” us. We had jobs. We had homes. We went to school. We lived normal lives. Our country was one of the top safest tourist destinations in the world. Now we suffer daily bombings. We endure savage “economic sanctions.”

Why do you accept the war crimes against us? Why do you accept the lies about us?

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