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Syrian Security Prevent Trump Forces Approach near Qamishli Airport

Syrian Security push back Trump Forces near Qamishli Airport

Syrian security of Aviation Intelligence prevented a column of Trump forces from approaching the Qamishli Airport yesterday.

A first in such confrontation between the defenders of the land and the invaders allowed in by separatist Kurdish traitor militia.

The incident was first reported by activists yesterday Thursday morning and later Russia Today also confirmed through its own sources. There are Russian Military Police stationed in that area as well.

The following video distributed by members of the Syrian Aviation Security protecting the Qamishli International Airport, the narrator is heard describing the incident and calling the Trump forces as dogs. Calling someone a dog in our region is considered a bad insult,

The video is also available on BitChute:

While some ‘strategists’ and advisers to Trump, who obviously never served during any real combat, advised Trump to keep some of his forces in Syria thinking they can be used as an asset against the Syrian state, not realizing that what they consider their assets are in reality their liability and soon enough Trump who is waiting for someone to call him to ask for the withdrawal of these troops will start making calls all over asking for help to pull them from Syria, or what would be left of them alive.

They’re literally sitting ducks in a large lake of alligators, to make it closer to an owner of a Florida resort.

Trump forces were able to spread in a number of posts no thanks to traitors of the separatist Kurdish SDF militia who worked as useful fools in luring in NATO member states of Turkey, their alleged sworn enemies, and NATO member state USA, their eternal abusers, into Syria thinking the USA will fight to protect them and never learning from the history of the USA that the best it does to its useful idiots after milking them dry is letting others eat their corpses, instead of the US itself.

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  1. James

    Great to see Syrians stand their ground against the thieving American invaders. Still, I think our two canine friends, Oscar and Pepi would be offended to know that soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army referred to them as ‘dogs’.

    The following may be of interest: “Assad: Europe was the main player in creating chaos in Syria-video” (13/12/19) by Sheila Newman at (URL of this page). It includes the embedded Video:


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