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Syrian Security Eliminate 7 US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists in Daraa

US-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Daraa - file photo - داعش والقاعدة في درعا

In an additional blow to Biden’s junta wars for Israel, Syrian security eliminated 7 terrorists from the US-created, sponsored, funded, armed, and controlled ISIS organization in the countryside of Daraa in southern Syria.

Local sources in the province reported that in the early hours of dawn today, Friday 23 September 2022, law enforcement units carried out a qualitative security operation in the outskirts of the city of Jassim in the northern countryside of Daraa, local sources confirmed adding that an unspecified number of terrorists were killed and a member of the law enforcement martyred during the operation.

The Syrian news agency Sana reported the incident quoting a spokesperson for the law enforcement in the southern region:

During a raid carried out by the security forces to one of the hideouts of the ISIS terrorist organization in one of the farms of Jassim city in the northwestern Daraa countryside, seven of the terrorists of the Takfiri organization were eliminated.

During the clashes with the terrorists, a Syrian law enforcement agent was martyred, the spokesperson told Sana.

Syrian authorities are determined to eliminate the remnants of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) used by Biden’s junta in the southern region while continuing to combat Al Qaeda and its variants, offshoots, and other invading forces and their local proxies in the north.

Like the terrorists in the north protected and sponsored by NATO’s first and second-strongest armies, the Turkish and US armies, the ISIS remnants are protected and sponsored in the southern region by the US army illegally occupying the Syrian Al Tanf area. The southern region comprises the provinces of Daraa, Quneitra, Sweida, southern Damascus countryside, and southeastern Homs countryside.

The ISIS remnants operating out of the US army-protected 55 kilometers in the Al Tanf area have been carrying out terrorist attacks killing and maiming Syrians and destroying properties.

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