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Syrian Resistance Bomb Biden Forces Stealing Oil in Al Omar Field

US Army base in Syrian oil field - file photo

Syrian resistance bombed the Biden forces (formerly known as the US Army) stealing Syrian oil in the Syrian Al Omar oil field in the Syrian northern province of Deir Ezzor late yesterday evening.

Multiple local sources confirmed hearing at least three loud explosions and seeing fumes of smoke later rising from the site where the Biden forces have turned into their base next to the Al Omar oil field, Syria’s main oil field in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

The bombing of the US army’s illegal base was expected after the Israeli bombing of Aleppo’s International Airport and sites in southern Damascus a day earlier.

Syrian resistance has set two related goals, one is to force the expelling of the US oil thieves from the country, and the second is to retaliate every Israeli aggression by bombing the US oil thieves in Syria, the US Army plays an important role in supporting Israel’s war crimes across the region and mainly, the US illegal military bases in Syria serve as conduits for Israeli fighter jets in their bombing of Syrian sites on multiple occasions.

The US army tried to change the new rule of engagement set by the Syrian resistance by bombing warehouses and sites it claims to be used by forces allied with the Syrian army only to get bombed back in retaliation.

There is no news, yet, about the casualties among the US oil thieves in the Al Omar field as a result of yesterday evening’s bombing, the local sources could not assess the material damage in the field, however, the sources did report seeing US helicopters and drones all over the region surrounding the oil field.

US Army command overseeing US army criminal operations in the Levant, a so-called USCENTCOM, remains mute about yesterday’s bombing at the time of this report, usually, they wait to see if there is footage taken of such an attack on their positions, they feel compelled to issue a statement but always downsize their casualties as if they were some superheroes from a Hollywood movie.

US citizens can check Veteran records in their country for new reported accidental deaths and permanent disabilities among their troops abroad, in more than once, the US Pentagon claimed that some of its forces sustained headaches from bombings only to be revealed later on that there were dozens of killed and wounded among those suffering the headaches.

The bombed Aleppo International Airport resumed work the next day evening after fixing the damaged runways. Some analysts are reporting that the Israeli bombing of the airport’s runways was to prevent a civilian Iranian airplane from landing there and subsequently, the bombing of sites in southern Damascus about an hour later to prevent the same plane from landing at the Damascus International Airport. There are no official sources confirming this narrative as bizarre and criminal as it sounds but that’s the nature of Israel.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Good, it didn’t take long this time and hopefully it’ll increase whether there’s an Israeli bombing or without, this should be constant and every day until the oil thieves are kicked out and compensate for their crimes and for the crimes their proxy terrorists committed against us all these years.

  2. Walter Alif

    I think it is the only thing that can be done to force an eventual expulsion of the USA from Syrian territory, the problem is not the Americans inside Syria, but in the whole Region because at the military level the Americans in Syria cannot destroy SAA for a numerical question, but the discourse changes if they then use all the Americans in the region, although the US and NATO don’t want to destabilize the entire region even more.


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