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Syrian President Met with a Ministerial Committee

Syrina President meeting

The Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad met with the Ministerial Committee in charge of executing the political solution to the Syrian crisis in Damascus this afternoon.

During his speech addressing the nation on January 6th, 2013 in Opera House, Damascus, president Assad presented a comprehensive package  to solve the Syrian crisis that includes the commitment of concerned foreign states to stop financing, arming and hosting the terrorists, a full cease of terrorist acts to ease the refugees return to their homes followed by a cease of operations by the Syrian Army which will maintain the right to respond, then a national dialogue, a national convention and a new constitution emanating a new government to supervise parliamentary elections, and the final stage a national reconciliation conference and an amnesty.

President Bashar Al Assad
President Bashar Al Assad addressing the nation on January 6, 2013 from Opera House in Damascus

The Syrian government headed by prime minister Dr. Halaqi adopted the president’s vision and formed a special committee meeting all political and society bodies represented in the country despite the rejection by western sponsored opposition groups, mostly outside the country.

President Assad is determined on a political solution to end the crisis no matter how the west puts obstacles and sends their Mujahideen trying their best to return the country to the stone age.

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