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Syrian President Assad visits Adra Industrial City, north of Damascus

Syrian President Assad visits Adra Industrial City 09 June 2021

Syrian President Bashar Assad visited Adra Industrial City today and checked on a number of factories that were established in very difficult conditions during the years of terror and war.

President Assad was quoted addressing the industrialists of the city: “Syria has genuine potentials to overcome the blockade and lessen its impacts and create more investment opportunities.”

This visit comes the morning after an Israeli bombing late last night that targeted both the central and southern regions of Syria, Adra Industrial City is halfway north to Homs in central Syria, the site of one of the Israeli bombings.

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

Transcript of President Assad’s speech to the Industrialists at Adra Industrial City:

I am very happy to visit today the Industrial City of Adra and meet with a group of Syrian industrialists.

This city, which was only a few years ago on the direct front line between the Syrian Arab Army and the terrorists, and it was one of the terrorists’ shooting fields, but it has survived.

The visit and meeting today aimed at emphasizing the priority of the economy in the next stage and how to overcome the obstacles facing the productive sector in general in Syria.

What I saw today, I can not describe it with less than the word ‘wonderful’, and of course, the word wonderful is not an exaggeration, but rather takes into account the conditions experienced by this region during the years of war and the conditions experienced by the Syrian economy in general.

I am not surprised, as I follow the production sector in Syria, but the visit is important, not only to see the details on the ground, but I believe that this type of visit is important for any person to raise his morale through the morale he takes from those in charge of the work, the owners of industries, and those working in the industrial sectors, and at the same time, he sees the real capabilities of the Syrian industry, which has survived. Indeed, we have the capabilities to overcome obstacles. We have real capabilities to bypass the siege, mitigate its effects, and create more job opportunities in Syria.

This patriotic spirit that I have touched from those in charge of work and workers gives many messages in Syria, and as I see these establishments the first thing that come to my mind is a comparison that comes spontaneously between those who put the national capital in difficult circumstances in order to create job opportunities and support the economy and between people who fled from the first days when the signs of war appeared, they took the capital they had collected in their country and emigrated, and at that time the Syrian citizen was entering a security tunnel, an economic living tunnel, and he believed that there must be many brothers who would extend a hand to help him.

This comparison was the first thing that came to my mind. In fact, what I saw carried several messages, messages to people who have capabilities, have resources, but lack the courage and lack of initiative to take the initiative, move, start work and start production.

The messages are sent in other directions, towards the messages that come to us from outside and are loaded with frustration and bad intentions, or some messages that come to us from within and that carry a lot of dependence and sometimes a lot of laziness, carrying messages that contain a lot of hope and confidence, confidence that we are capable in these circumstances that enable the industrial sector of steadfastness and not only survival, of course, there are losses for sure, the industrial sector lost and this is a mandatory thing, but there are places where it was able to continue and withstand, there are places where it was able to develop, and there are places where it was able to establish from scratch, and the reason is the will.

The most important message that we get from this visit is that if there is the will to build the homeland, then we are able to build. It is true that capital is necessary, material capabilities are necessary in all circumstances and in all cases for industry, but in conditions of war and under siege, capital is not enough, we need capital It needs a strong will and a sense of patriotism, and these three things are what I felt in everyone I met during this visit, and I am sure that it exists, and it is the basis that drives many investors to establish and establish industries in different regions, or investments or production facilities in different regions in Syria.

The truth is that these people are the ones that the Syrian society and the Syrian nation can rely on in building the economy and in building the nation in general.

The state will certainly be on their side because they deserve all support because today they are fighting a war on a front that is always a work front, but today it is a work front and an economic war front.

The Syrian citizen looks at you and expects a lot from you, and the state is with you in order to reflect these joint efforts that are making numbers in the economy and opportunities for work and prosperity for the country.

God bless you all.

End of the transcript.

Workers of Adra Industrial City residing in the adjacent Adra Labour City were brutally victimized by the Free Syrian Army terrorists, an umbrella for Al Qaeda Levant which later on morphed into Nusra Front) in the cold winter of 2013 – 2014, babies were thrown into the oven of the city’s main bakery alive, little girls were raped in front of their parents then slaughtered, fathers and mothers were killed in front of their children, and pregnant mothers had their bellies sliced open with swords dropping their embryos to the ground before killing them, horrific torture before killing the majority of the residents, those who made it alive had to hide in warehouses underground and then walk for kilometers in the open desert before reaching safety at a Syrian army’s post.

The Syrian people are under enormous economic pressure for the 10th year onward from terrorist attacks, NATO and Israeli bombing, looting of wheat, burning wheat fields they couldn’t loot, stealing oil, machinery, and entire factories directly by the US forces and by their Al Qaeda and ISIS proxies, and topped with a blockade and one of the unprecedented strict sanctions regimes dubbed the ‘Caesar Act‘ that prevents other countries from dealing with Syria out of fear to lose their investments in the West and in countries that are submissive to the USA.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The Syrian miracle, the people’s steadfastness, struggle, and victory, this should be taught to all the free people around the world.


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