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Syrian Opposition Member Abroad Wanted for Justice in Sweden

A member of any community dealing with a foreign country against his own is considered a traitor and at the best a 5th column, which earns that member the despise of his people and the rope to hang him with in public, except when the foreign country is a NATO member state, then that community member is praised in the western media as a ‘freedom fighter’ or a ‘democracy promoter’, like the case of the Syrian and before them the Iraqi and Libyan oppositions.

The Iraqi opposition came to Iraq over US & British tanks, their Libyan counterparts came to Libya on French and British fighter jets, the Syrian ones can only dream of coming to Syria after they were exposed and failed on the ground and were let down by their foreign patrons after seeing the Syrian Arab Army might and the remarkable resistance from the Syrian people. Now the Syrian opposition have to pay for their failure.

Syrian Opposition Abroad Wanted for Justice
Syrian Opposition Abroad Wanted for Justice

Haytham Rahmah, a member of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization, a member of the SNC or the Syrian National Council, a member of the Coalition of Syrian Oppositions, whatever names suit those foreign based bodies, is now wanted by the Swedish law authorities for his role in arms trade.

It’s definitely not a sudden realization by the Swedish authorities that trading in arms by individuals is unlawful and punishable, it’s that the persons involved are consumed and now became a burden on their patrons, they have to pay for their failure before the public opinion in the west wake up and punish the patrons themselves.

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