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Syrian Law Enforcement Seizes a Truck Loaded with Hash and Captagon

Captagon pills and hash busted in Qussayr - Homs countryside

Captagon pills and Hash (Hashish), essentially any sort of mind-absenting substance, are what makes the terrorists capable of committing their unimaginable crimes, the Syrian law enforcement authorities have confiscated so far massive quantities of Captagon pills, Hash, and assorted types of drugs.

The latest bust was a truck loaded with 780,000 Captagon pills and 900 packages of Hash in the Qussayr area, in Homs southwestern countryside near the borders with Lebanon.

Prior to 2011, the year which the USA initiated its ‘creative chaos’ or the new version of ‘regime change’ in Syria, the country was among the cleanest countries in the world of all sorts of drugs in growing and producing as well as in trafficking and transit. Ever since the country became plagued with enormous quantities of all sorts of such substances in producing in areas infested by terrorists and smugglers were activated through all Syria’s borders with neighboring countries to supply the head-choppers with drugs.

Syrian authorities seize truck stuffed with captagon pills in Homs countryside

Today’s Captagon and Hash quantities busted near the Lebanese borders were professionally stashed in concealed compartments in the truck, SANA reported.

US-sponsored ‘Free Syrian Army’, supposed to be the most ‘moderate’ among the head-choppers the United States used against the Syrian people ordered their followers to grow Hashish and lice in the areas they infested:

Saudi Prince of Captagon Abdulmuhsin Al Saud أمير الكبتاجون عبد المحسن بن وليد ال سعود
Saudi Prince of Captagon Abdulmuhsin Al Saud أمير الكبتاجون عبد المحسن بن وليد ال سعود

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    How much money paid to produce all of this and where is it heading? Don’t the citizens of Europe fear these drugs might land in their countries? Or they think they’re immune from the terror they’re investing in far from them in our countries?

  2. James Graham

    I worked in addiction services. That is capitalism…it’s logic. Some say, “This is bad for your health.” Others in the free market say, “But it is good for profit,” I’ve worked with people with life long criminal records. Some did time in secure units for the criminally insane. I would have these people before any out and out capitalist. The ruling class belong in a padded cell wearing a straight jacket.


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