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Syrian Government Opens a New Electricity Power Transformer

High voltage transformer in Syria

Since the start of the ‘revolution’ in Syria to promote ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’, the main target of the ‘revolutionists’ was the country’s infrastructure as one of their goals, or better say their western supporters goal.

High voltage power transformer inaugurated in Syria
High voltage power transformer inaugurated in Syria

Prior to the ‘peaceful uprising’ that saw the killing of over 70,000 human beings mostly of those who refused to join the ‘peaceful revolution’, Syria was not only self-efficient in its electricity power needs, Syria was exporting electricity power to its neighboring countries and especially Lebanon; that’s why the terrorists had targeted the country’s entire power generation, distribution centers and fuel supply lines and tankers throughout the crisis.

Even when terrorists vuvuzelas aka mainstream media cheer for the ‘final battle against Damascus’ for at least 6 times so far, Syria’s government holding the ground is working hard to repair damages caused to the infrastructure by the ‘freedom fighters’.

Syrian prime minister Dr. Wael Halqi today 16 April 2013 inaugurated an MVA 250 high voltage transformer station in the southern region, a station that cost about SYP 2 billion and will help support the shortages of power the southern region of the country is witnessing.

‘Revolutionists’ destroy and the state repairs, only in Syria the western officials and their mainstream propagandists have twisted logic.

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