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Syrian Foreign Ministry Strongly Condemns Israeli Escalation in the Golan

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Damascus, Syria

Syria strongly condemned the unprecedented and dangerous escalation by the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement that the occupation authorities’ persistence in settlement practices and systematic violations amounted to war crimes, the latest of which was the provocative and blatant act of the Prime Minister of the Israeli enemy to hold a meeting of all members of his government in the occupied Golan with the aim of doubling the number of settlers there.

The statement stressed that the occupied Syrian Golan, in the eyes of international legitimacy and international law, is an integral part of Syria’s territory, which will work to return it completely to the homeland and by all available means guaranteed by international law.

“The Syrian government reaffirms its permanent and strong support for its Syrian citizens, the people of the occupied Syrian Golan who resist the Israeli occupation and who reject the annexation decision and the policy of seizing lands by force.’

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Syria
Syrians of the Occupied Golan Mark their General Strike Anniversary
Syrians of the Occupied Golan Mark their General Strike Anniversary

The ministry stressed that the recklessness of the provocative Israeli behavior would not have reached this point without the protection provided to it by successive US administrations.

The statement by the Syrian ministry of foreign affairs mentioned only the USA as it has been the main sponsor of the Israeli war crimes since the creation of Israel over stolen Palestinian land, it did not mention the other numerous enablers of Israel even though their roles are not less criminal in nature, however, the United States of America proved to be the only sponsor of Israel who is willing to sacrifice thousands of its troops, and to deplete its treasury to support Israel among the others who mainly support Israel with technology, political cover and the hard-earned tax money of their citizens.

United States of America USA spent 7 trillion dollars on wars in the Middle East for Israel
In case you wonder from where the uncontrollable spiraling US public debt comes from,
its principal comes from the wars the US fought for Israel in the Middle East

Furthermore, the USA is the only country, of weight, that recognized the Israeli annexation of the Syrian Golan, an act of war crime in nature as stipulated by international law, although its recognition does not add any value or any legal status to the occupation situation.

It’s only a waste of more money and efforts just that more weapons can be sold for more wars to enable the creation of a ‘Jewish State’ in the Levant, a step toward what anti-Jewish Zionist rabbis consider important in the creation of the kingdom of the Antichrist.

Syria will clean the Golan from the foreign settlers expelled from Europe, Russia, and elsewhere, just like it has won the war against the world’s largest terrorist army sponsored by the entire world, either by direct support or by allowing their terrorists a free pass to Syria or by helping Syria’s enemies during the war under different pretexts. The only sad part will be are the further sacrifices the Syrian people will give in order to return Israel to its pre-1947 borders.

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