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Syrian Army: Large number of Terrorists Killed in Homs


Syrian Army eliminates large number of terrorists in districts of Homs.

According to new reports from the Syrian city of Homs, the operative units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) were able to eliminate a large number of armed terrorists in several districts of the Syrian city in targeted military operations today. After the success of the Syrian army units in the province of Lattakia (Latakia), also the units of the Syrian forces in Homs were successful in their new mop-up operations in some districts of the Syrian city.

The reports say that a large number of terrorists were eliminated in the neighbourhoods of al-Qarabis and al-Kosour of Homs. Further foreign-backed terrorists were killed by the Syrian forces near the Labor Pharmacy and al-Walid complex in the neighbourhood of Jourt al-Shayyah as well as nearby the Mustafa Bash Mosque and the Civil Affairs Department in the district of Bab Hud in Homs.

A military source from the Syrian Arab army (SAA) also said that not only a large number of armed terrorists and jihadists were eliminated in the neighborhouds of al-Qarabis, al-Kosour, Jourt al-Shayyah and Bab Hud today, but also that the units of the Syrian army were able to destroy several gatherings of the foreign-supported terrorist groups in several Syrian villages, including the villages of al-Hosn, al-Ameriyeh, al-Dar, al-Kabira, Burj Kaei, Kafr Laha, al-Ghanto, Talbiseh as well as the farms in al-Sarmoutiya. The military operations by the Syrian units also led to the death of more terrorists in the mentioned villages. Others were injured in the clashes against the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA).

In al-Bowida al-Sharkiya, located in the countryside of Al-Qusayr (some write it al-Qusair or al-Qseir), which the Syrian army had already liberated from the local terrorist groups with the help of fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah some weeks ago, a unit of the Syrian forces discovered a not yet known warehouse of the terrorists, filled with weapons and ammunition.

The warehouse of the terrorists in the countryside of Syrias Al-Qusayr (in al-Bowida al-Sharkiya) included modern and heavy machineguns as well as RPG launchers, sniper rifles from Poland and huge amounts of ammunition according to the source of the Syrian army.

Further clashes between units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and the foreign-backed terrorists took place near the Syrian city of Palmyra (Tadmour). A group of armed terrorists tried to infiltrate into the city of Palmyra (Tadmour) from the Western groves of the famous Syrian city.

According to the information about the battle of the Syrian forces against these armed terrorists, the Syrian army units have killed and wounded several of these terrorists. The reports say that the clashes between the Syrian army and the armed terrorists resulted in the killing and injuring of a number of these terrorists near Palmyra.

Further units of the Syrian army in the region of Daraa were able to kill a number of terrorists today. According to the reports about the situation in this region of Daraa, the units of the Syrian army have even eliminated a larger number of armed terrorists, including fighters from foreign countries (e.g. from Saudi Arabia).

Homs Baath University
Students at Baath University in Homs show full support for the Syrian Arab Army

The Syrian army unit in this region of Daraa carried out several targeted military operations against the foreign-backed terrorists in the countryside of Daraa today and was able to eliminate a lot of these armed rats. As mentioned, also several foreign fighters were killed in today’s clashes in Daraa.

Another source of the Syrian military said that several units of the Syrian army have crushed gatherings of armed terrorists in the Syrian towns of Nawa, Yadoudeh, Dael, Mleiha, Busra al-Sham and Inkhel today. According to this source from the Syrian army, several Saudi nationals were among the eliminated terrorists in the clashes nearby or in the above mentioned Syrian villages today.

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    • Arklight

      I’m scratchin’ my head. The locals know that the rats will attack anyone (who is not armed), kill anybody who’s handy, but the local defense forces seem to be most visible through their non existence. The one that are on line seem to at least keep the rats at bay, but what’s with the rest of these folks? Wait on SAA to show up and hope the rats don’t start killing folks in the meantime? Makes no sense to me.

  1. enes bosna hercegovina

    SAA is best army on the world, people from Bosna i Hercegovina support SAA and president ASSAD,



  2. Filip of Macedonia.

    Морална подршка до вашата армја/пешатари и Претседателот Гос.Ассад од поединец од Република Македонија, вие победувате,точка.
    Гордејтесе, на вашите Херои!

    Moral support for the army and President Assad from an individual from the Republic of Macedonia, you will win, period.
    Be proud of your heroi, Syrians!

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