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Syrian Army Eliminates NATO’s al Qaeda Terrorist Group in Idlib

Syrian Arab Army eliminates al Qaeda terrorist groug in southern Idlib countryside

Syrian Arab Army units in southern Idlib repelled a large-scale attack by al Qaeda terrorists which was targeting the town of Al-Qasabiyeh inflicting heavy injuries among the terrorists.

Local and military sources from southern Idlib countryside, northwest of Syria, reported an attack carried out by the NATO US and Turkey-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists against the town of Al-Qasabiyeh in the southern Idlib countryside, the attack was not reported by official sources, it seems.

The vigilant Syrian Arab Army units defending the region on the frontline with the NATO proxy armies of terrorists clashed with the advancing terrorists and managed to kill and injure most of the attacking terrorists, local sources said.

There are still no confirmations of the personal identities and nationalities of the terrorists who were wearing military uniforms similar to those of the Syrian Republican Guards units in the area, a tactic used as their cover by the Al Qaeda terrorists to try to sneak their way into Syrian army gatherings.

Military sources in the region confirmed that the Battalion 358 of the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guards was the unit that repelled the terrorist attack.

It appears that the attack took place on the first days of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, the festive that concludes the Muslim’s fasting month of Ramadan. Terrorists often take advantage of religious holidays to carry out their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people and Syrian Army units in total disregard to the importance of such holidays for the majority of Syrians who are Muslims.

We did not receive any information on casualties among the defending Syrian Arab Army units in the southern Idlib countryside axis from this attack.

NATO and its proxy forces are getting frustrated after the repeated defeats on all the fronts this ‘defensive’ alliance has started across the globe, their anger toward Syria is at its most as it set the stage for the reverse dominos effect of its successive invasions, coups, and destabilization of countries, the recent escalation in terrorist attacks and the Israeli repeated bombing of Syria, the intensifying of theft of Syrian oil and food by the US Army, and the hysterical renewed anti-Syrian propaganda and sanctions on everything Syrian by the USA and its European Union vassal countries are clear indications of that frustration.

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  1. Roy

    However many thousands of years of theft and murder, under whatever names; why would they ever consider stopping now? A total shame; yet we must for the sake of their own dignity, assume that they are human, although, based upon my observations of friends and family, probably not true at all; is it possible that these people really are possessed by demons? Not that it would change anything, but I think Israel has already voted for their and everybody else’s death. Of course, what actually happens is anyone’s guess.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    When the world was dumping their human trash into our country, there were about 7000 on average of these subhumans smuggled mostly by the NATO member Turkish side in the north every single week and for several months non-stop!

    The largest army of terrorists in the world, many of them were killed by our armed forces at a hefty price paid by our men, thousands remain in the northern regions under the protection of that NATO Turkey, and thousands were sent to other conflicts after gaining fighting experience in Syria killing and maiming Syrians, mostly civilians and destroying our country like a plague.


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