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Syrian Army Eliminates a Group of al Qaeda HTS Terrorists in Idlib

Al Qaeda commander killed by the SAA Syrian Arab Army in Idlib countryside

The Syrian Arab Army units in Idlib countryside repels a wide-scale attack by the NATO-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists in Aleppo and Idlib provinces killing several terrorists including a commander of one of the attacking groups.

Since yesterday evening through today morning and in coordination with Israel’s bombing of the Syrian Capital Damascus, al Qaeda HTS terrorists in the northwestern region of Syria carried out their 3rd terrorist attack in the holy month of Ramadan on the towns of Basratun in Aleppo western countryside yesterday evening and the village of Al Dana near Maraat Noman in the southern Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense reporting the attacks stated that both attacks were foiled and a number of the attackers were killed including a commander in the HTS group (featured image). HTS (Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham) is the largest branch of Al Qaeda Levant in northwestern Syria loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan.

The statement of the Ministry of Defense did not report casualties among the Syrian Arab Army units by the time of this report, there might be no casualties or it’s awaiting to inform their relatives who in turn will be mourning their lost ones if there were any.

The Turkish madman Erdogan, Israel, and the US-led NATO have their different reasons for escalating their terrorist attacks in Syria, with the unstable embattled Turkish fanatic caliph wannabe facing a very difficult presidential election in less than two months in May, and failing so far to set a meeting with President Bashar Al Assad to convince his people that their problems will be solved after agreeing with the Syrian president on returning the Syrian refugees from Turkey, the main cause behind the low ratings he has among the Turkish people.

The Turks believe that the Syrian refugees are one of the reasons behind the deterioration of their economy, and the Turkish military interventions and failures, especially in Syria are the main reason for Erdogan losing his popularity.

A photo-op with President Assad, while the Turkish army continues to occupy parts of northern Syria, will be seen as the Turkish madman Erdogan having the upper hand and that he did not lose in the war of terror on Syria after 12 years of turning his country into the main hub for the terrorist war against the country that was behind the Turkish economic boom after the European Union closed their doors in the face of his Muslim majority Turkey.

As for Israel and the USA, we’ve discussed that in the report of the Israeli bombing of Damascus countryside for the second time within less than 24 hours earlier today.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement strongly condemning the coordinated terrorist attacks by Israel, NATO-led USA, and their Al Qaeda proxy:

“‘Israel’ continues to practice its criminal war policies against Syria, as its fighter jets committed a new barbaric aggression in coordination with the herds of terrorist groups that launched aggression against the Syrian forces in the Dana area.”

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