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Syrian Army Delivers Another Blow to the CIA in the Syrian Desert

ISIS ISIL Daesh in Syria - USA CIA NATO - file photo - داعش في البادية السورية

Syrian Army operating in the depth of the Syrian desert delivered another blow to the CIA in the region by eliminating a group of ‘moderate rebels’ that turned out to be from ISIS.

The Syrian Arab Army units combing the Syrian desert for ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists discovered the movement of an armed group heading to attack a convoy of Syrian tankers carrying oil on the Salamiyah – Raqqa road in the eastern Hama countryside and clashed with the group.

Reports from the region confirm that several of the ISIS terrorists were killed in the clashes and others were injured.

The convoy was saved and the Syrian Arab Army chased the fleeing terrorists into the desert toward their dens in eastern Syria where the US Army erected some of its illegal military bases.

ISIS was a creation of the CIA, one of the US’s assigned agencies to force-export its excess of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ to countries that never asked for it, and to defend the US’s interests across the globe, these US interests happen to be the interests of the few corporations known as the 1% in the US and their politician executives.

In Syria, and after the failure of the Arab Spring in the Levantine country, the USA and its European lackeys, members of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance, and its regional stooges created ISIS out of the defeated Al Qaeda Levant and unleashed the new group in both Iraq and Syria arming it with the most advanced weapons which fall into the hands of these terrorists by US military cargo planes ‘accidentally‘ dropping their shipments to them, or by direct deliveries of weapons, munition, military gears, medical and food supplies, to ‘moderate’ al Qaeda groups who would ‘defect’ to the ranks of ISIS, each time.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces are now carrying out a new military operation across the Syrian desert to eradicate the CIA-created and Pentagon-sponsored ISIS terrorists after a series of deadly massacres and terrorist attacks against the Syrian people in and around the Syrian desert.

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