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Syrian Army tries to secure Syria’s border with Lebanon

Border - Syria / Lebanon

Syria-Lebanon: Syrian Army launched operations to finally secure the border.

Several units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have launched an operation to finally secure the border to the neighbouring country Lebanon. The first part of the new operation by the units of the Syrian Army has the aim to secure a key road between Syria and Lebanon.

The key road from Syria to the neighbouring country Lebanon is still often used by the foreign-backed terrorists and Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists for arms smuggling into Syria, while foreign powers also use this key road for the supply of the terrorist groups and Islamists with ammunition and the so-called “military aid”. Not to mention the Takfiri terrorists and Hariri thugs who are also using this key roads to penetrate into Syria from northern Lebanon.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has already deployed several units along the key road that spans Syria’s capital Damascus to the border crossing at Masna, which then leads to the former “Paris of the Middle East”, and thus, to the Lebanese capital of Beirut. It is to hope that the operation to finally secure the border between Syria and Lebanon will be successful, because it is about time. Less terrorists who are able to penetrate into Syria mean less violence on Syrian soil.

Not to mention that less weapons, which are smuggled into Syria, also mean less problems for the Syrian people as well as less violence and bloodshed, in contrary to the opinion of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Obama administration in Washington that the smuggling of weapons into the hands of terrorists and Islamists would be able to resolve any conflict or to overthrow the Syrian government.

The arms supplies by foreign nations and agencies for the terrorists and jihadists in Syria just caused more bloodshed on Syrian soil. Thus, not only the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan has Syrian blood on his hands, but also the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama.

According to the information about situation at the borderline between Syria and Lebanon, the borderline becomes unclear along the spread-out rural areas and the area of the border between the both Arab countries has already turned into one of the key routes used by the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists to smuggle light and heavy weapons into Syria.

An officer of the Syrian Army said in terms of the newly launched military operation to finally secure this key road between Syria and Lebanon as well as the border as such, that the operation is a very important military operation and that the Syrian Army is able, by securing this part of the border, to ensure the security of this area of the countryside of Syria’s capital Damascus – and this means, that also the Syrian capital becomes consequently more secure.

Here, the same applies – it was about time, and it is to hope that the military operation by the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to finally secure this part of the border to Lebanon will be successful in order to increase the level of security in the area of the countryside of Damascus and thus, within Syria’s capital.

The Syrian Army officer added that the launched military operation to secure the key road between Lebanon and Syria is also a part of the effort to finally control all border crossings of the Syrian-Lebanese border and thus, the complete border at this side of Syria, which would mean more security and safety for the Syrian people in the East of Syria and also less violence on Syrian soil due to the situation that less terrorists and thugs are able to penetrate from Lebanon into Syria.

However, it is almost a “mission impossible” for the operative units of the Syrian Army, but it is to hope that the Syrian Army units will have success, despite the huge difficulties at the borderline to Lebanon and the many armed terrorists and Takfiris in the region on both sides of the Syrian-Lebanese border.

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  1. Arklight

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Lebanese Army could lay off polishing boots and shining brass long enough to get out in the field and catch some of the jihadi swine? It don’t think they can even hold Hezbollah’s coat, let alone carry it’s water. If the swine are receiving weapons and personnel from, or through, Lebanon then Lebanon should carry some of the weight of defense. I think that only the Lebanese actually believe that Lebanon will remain the sole secular island of prosperity in the region, if Syria falls.


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